Award Ideas

Business awards can be seen implemented across the globe to celebrate the success of the organisations and the individuals that contribute to their overall success.

Achievement awards show that a company appreciate their staff and teams, along with instilling pride into the team and rewarding employees for their dedication and good efforts.

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Employee award ideas

To recognise your exceptional staff contributions to your business, Glass awards and gift clocks are a champion choice to recognition for the work, and to also mark an work anniversary date.

Award medals of service is a proven success for organisations to thank long serving volunteers and contributors to the cause.

Glass award trophies work well for companies looking to commiserate hard working staff and dedicated teams and individuals who have had an exceptional service history with your organisation.

Tailoring the recognition award to the individual

Successful businesses understand the need to tailor the staff award to the individual or team receiving it. Taking time to explore your options of an award will ensure the program and scheme is well received with your internal teams.

Younger teams may appreciate shopping vouchers or the opportunity to study outside the workplace for driving lessons or hobbies. Make the award personal and reflect a meaning of appreciation towards to receiver, to create a lasting reminder of your appreciation of their hard work and efforts.

Companies with a more mature set of staff members or departments may appreciate a restaurant meal or a more traditional award such as an engraved glass award or staff trophy.

For general team recognition awards, consider gifting Gift vouchers, high reward electrical goods, dining out vouchers, holiday vouchers, branded confectionery, gift certificates and additional holiday days or time off.

Types of Awards

For businesses and organisations looking to explore the best type of awards to implement into your business and company culture, explore an award type that reflects your business, will be appreciated and enjoyed by the award receivers and will leave a lasting impression of your appreciation for the team efforts and achievements

Award medals to ensure individuals are recognised alongside the team effort. Recognise the achievements made towards your business or organisation.

Custom made medals in die-struck medallions with engraved details and logos for organisations looking to recognise the many years of help and time given to the company or charity cause,

Business awards to reward departments and internal teams

Internal marketing communication departments should plan a program of business awards to mark department and individual achievements. Consider achievement awards for product innovation, time management, team playing and star performers.

Custom awards are a champion choice for companies and organisations looking to personalise their choice of recognition awards with a custom design or shape.  Innovative designs such as bespoke shapes built as a company trophy can be made to reflect your company or services. For a particular business sector, custom awards are a great choice to represent your product or sector

Crystal awards Can be sourced in multiple sizes and shapes to merit an employee award for achievement tiers. Glass awards are a great choice for awarding service years to staff, after 10, 25, 30 years with your business.  Crystal awards will be received by the individual and cherished as a lasting reminder of the appreciation your business has shown to their contribution over the years.

Trophy awards Work very well for internal company sports teams, or for businesses looking to reward employees for weekly recognition or sports achievements, such as the star of the week, or player of the season.  With the easy removal of the trophies metal plate, winners details can be continually replaced with new engraved names and dates.

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A selection of award ideas

Hold an event

For organisations exploring their options to implement and accomplish a recognition and achievement award program within their teams, Event and marketing leads should Look to complete an annual awards ball, or ceremony to celebrate and show appreciation and acknowledge team successes, encouraging staff to contribute to the company goals, and to work hard to achieve a staff award in front of peers.

An achievement event will also motivate teams throughout the year and engage staff, and departments, alongside providing an incentive to employees to look forward to the event during the calendar year.

Celebrate trading years

For businesses with years of trading milestones such as a 25. 50 or 100 year anniversary, should embrace the opportunity to explore recognition awards for long service individuals within their business.

For a significant milestone such as 50 years of successful trading, businesses can explore an engraved or crystal award to mark the date, and take pride and place within a boardroom or reception area.,

Look to invite industry media to attend an organised company event, along with key suppliers or customers to join in the celebration and feel involved.

Having the company’s achievement covered by PR or industry news, will bring the limelight to your organisation and increase the company’s visibility for your sector and industry.

A positive PR and a marketing communications campaign can be on the key anniversary dates announcing the celebration of the trading years.

Marketers can explore the benefits of celebrating trading successes and use these dates to boast about the achievements and continued success of the organisation, to convey to your competitors that the business is in a strong successful position. Custom awards made from bespoke glass or acrylic will give the anniversary dates an additional layer of prestige when presented to Directors and the chairman of the organisation for photographs.

Using engraved and glass awards

Organisations marking a success in achieving an industry accolade or merit should explore glass awards and custom awards to present to their team once the targets have been reached. Recognition awards are a key way to incentivise and show appreciation to a high achieving team or department.

A company showing appreciation for the dedication and hard work for team member contributing to improving standards, product innovation and exceptional performance.

Including Glass awards in a company-wide corporate awards program will ensure individuals are recognised alongside the team effort.

Employee awards recognise the achievements made towards your business or organisation, is proven to motivate teams and contributions from the rest of your workforce and engage your teams in company improvements and the desire to push forward as an entire business.

Achievement awards

To ensure your employee awards are correctly implemented, request the assistance of your entire organisation for brainstorming and insights into what will motivate the workforce to participate and succeed.

Request team input into what they would like to see recognised, how they could achieve the required standard and allow all staff to nominate team members and become involved with the awards program, selection and criteria.

Things to consider when planning awards


Human resource teams and internal marketing executives should consider the objectives to improve company efficiency team morale and productivity, and how best to communicate the recognition scheme to the employee and departments.

How are you planning to communicate to all managers and staff, through meetings, and emails with the run up to the scheme, so all staff are on board and ready to contribute and become involved, brainstorm on the best use of incentive awards


Your company needs to decide before rolling out the awards ideas how often will the staff awards occur, annually, quarterly, or monthly, how will you mark the achievement award, will you hold a presentation, awards ceremony or evening event. Will you invite only the winners to the ceremony or will your arrange an event and invite the entire corporation and guest to witness the staff recognition awards.

Recognising the achievements

Will your company be using some formal awards such as glass awards and engraved awards, and also include some informal routes to recognise achievements and staff improvements.

Great examples of non-formal incentive awards include deliveries of confectionary to the department and office, gifting shop vouchers, discounted meals and fun days out.

A more traditional award is allowing the winner additional days of leave or annual holiday dates.

For larger companies gift vouchers, high reward goods, dining out vouchers, holiday vouchers, confectionary, certificates and additional holiday days or time off.

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