Academic Awards

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, implementing academic awards as part of internal communications and awards programs allows the school to engage students in motivating themselves to achieve great results and improve their performance and attendance. School awards also provide an opportunity to engage parents and local communities in rewarding the student’s stellar efforts.

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Why school awards still motivate students to succeed

Academic awards very much have a place and purpose within modern education.

Recognising high standards of achievement and commitment from the participating students will contribute to motivation, the drive to improve, and act as a shining example to other students in attendance that hard work really does pay off.

To reward and motivate students during their prime academic will instil a sense of personal discipline that will stay with the student throughout the rest of their life.

Improved behaviour is also seen amongst students were school awards are implemented and recognition programs are in place to reward students for their achievements.

Student recognised for improved efforts in education will be more enthused about completed sports and school work and aim to achieve higher. School awards also increase the student’s general outlook on their time within school and college, and feel more engaged with the education facility and strive to keep their standard of work high throughout the academic year, and encouraging strong efforts to succeed

Educational institutions understand the Importance of maintaining public recognition of good performance and the positive culture within an educational setting

Examples of school awards

Teacher awards

For students and parents looking to show their appreciation to their teachers for their hard work and dedication to the education over the year, or the “over and beyond” help towards their academic achievements, students could consider a personal gift for the teacher, that is tailored towards the individual and their hobbies, alongside sweet treats and food hampers.

For schools looking to reward and recognise teaching staff that that succeeded in placing their students first and outstanding contribution to the overall success of the school’s performance, trophies and awards are a champion choice for presentations in front of the students to show how much their teaching is appreciated and recognised throughout the whole school or college.

Arts awards

For students who are achieving high standards and showing outstanding commitment to the arts, departments should consider academic awards for recognising the efforts made in education arts.

Trophies for dance, drama and contribution to staged shows within the educational departments can be awarded to students showing heavy commitment to the arts within the school or college and be presented to the students as a merit of achievement in a school assembly or end of term assembly.

Writing awards trophy

Schools and colleges looking to honour students who have achieved excellent results in writing and the English language can be awarded writing trophies to provide recognition to the students and their commitment to improve and work to a very high standard.

Science awards trophy

For educational institutions looking to award students showing distinction in the science of academic studies and fundamental signs for advancement in studies.Schools and colleges can explore the merit of implementing school awards to the students. Presenting the high achieving students will instil pride in their work and continue to motivate the student to engage them further in the field of science.

Most improved award

Students that have shown a clear and obvious improvement towards their attitude and drive to succeed in academic areas, along with sporting efforts will continue to be motivated and engaged to move forward with further improvement in overall academic goals. Providing award medals to the students will act as a lasting reminder to them that their improvements have been recognised and they should continue on the right path to success.

Sports trophy

For education sports departments and for the overall community feel of colleges and schools, marking sports achievement with both team and individual performance will recognise good performance, discipline to train and improve, along with team spirit. Sports trophies can be sourced to reflect the type of sport, such as football trophies, and dance awards. Medals can also be handed out the entire team for participation.


Students will a remarkable attendance record should be applauded for their commitment to attending school and college in front of peers. Educational institutions should embrace school awards for attendance and look to incorporate the awards into reward programs for the students.

Students witnessing the recognition of peers with exemplary attendance records will look to content and improve their own attendance to the school of college.

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Suggestions on how to best present academic awards to students


Education teams should explore how best to present the school awards to the students, and if they should look to arrange an events evening and invite the student’s parents and peers to partake in the presentation of the academic awards to the winner, and celebrate the school’s achievements.

For institutions looking to hold a lower key affair, a school assembly or meeting to present the awards to performers in front of peers may work best.

Provide a certificate

After sourcing the correct type of academic award to present to the students for their achievement in education, sport and attendance, schools should also consider presenting the merit with a certificate clearly stating the dates and level of completion with congratulations.

Students with High-grade average results in all subjects within school or college can also be awarded for their exemplary success across the board.

How often will awards occur

Colleges and schools should consider how often they plan on presenting students with school awards, whether they should be announced on a term by term basis or if an end of school year academic award scheme would work best, perhaps considering an awards program half way through the year may re-establish motivation with the students to complete.

Covering achievements in school newspapers or parent-teacher emails.

Showing appreciation and awarding dedication of high achieving students to their peers and parents in school internal communications will boost student morale, the increase the opportunity to see other students improve their behaviour to gain the same recognition the following year.

Look to implement an achievement board in classroom

As well as using school awards and academic awards in the form of trophies and medals, teachers and department heads should also look to implement achievement boards in the classroom of lecture theatre.

Serving as a lasting reminder to student peers of their personal level of achievement and increase their desire to improve their performance.

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