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Sfera Digital Desk Clock

Origination: £30.00 – Lead time: 12 working days – Carriage at cost.

Corporate Metal Foldable Desk Clock

Engrave origination included.

Lead time: 12 working days. Carriage at cost.


Desk Weather Clock

Screen Printed 1 colour to 1 Position.

Lead time: 12 working days. Carriage at cost.


Desk Items

  Why should you invest in promotional desk items? The reason that so many people invest in promotional desk items is that it is a great way to promote your business, especially by using products that are going to sit on desks in plain sight and be utilised nearly every day. When these novelty desk […]

Optical Crystal Arched Clock with Satin Lined Box

Design origination at £25.00 per engrave design or print colour.

Lead Time: 8 Working Days, Carriage at cost.


A Guide to Promotional Products

Introduction to Promotional Products What are Promotional Products? What Makes for a Good Promotional Product? How are Promotional Products Used? Who Should Use Promotional Products? The 5 Main Benefits Brand Awareness Repeat Exposure Positive Brand Image Mass Marketing for a Small Cost Customer Satisfaction Are Promotional Products Truly Effective Marketing Customer Relations Positive Image Competition […]

New Promotional Trends for 2018

At Diamond Branded, we have gathered some of the latest promotional product trends for 2018. Scroll down to see how fidget spinner desk accessories, new soft finish pen designs and notebooks are gaining popularity, We are expecting to see a massive trend in Technology this year.   Flip and Click Pen Looking for something different […]