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Sfera Digital Desk Clock

Origination: £30.00 – Lead time: 12 working days – Carriage at cost.

Corporate Metal Foldable Desk Clock

Engrave origination included.

Lead time: 12 working days. Carriage at cost.


Desk Weather Clock

Screen Printed 1 colour to 1 Position.

Lead time: 12 working days. Carriage at cost.


Desk Items

  Why should you invest in promotional desk items? The reason that so many people invest in promotional desk items is that it is a great way to promote your business, especially by using products that are going to sit on desks in plain sight and be utilised nearly every day. When these novelty desk […]

Optical Crystal Arched Clock with Satin Lined Box

Design origination at £25.00 per engrave design or print colour.

Lead Time: 8 Working Days, Carriage at cost.


A Guide to Promotional Products

Introduction to Promotional Products What are Promotional Products? What Makes for a Good Promotional Product? How are Promotional Products Used? Who Should Use Promotional Products? The 5 Main Benefits Brand Awareness Repeat Exposure Positive Brand Image Mass Marketing for a Small Cost Customer Satisfaction Are Promotional Products Truly Effective Marketing Customer Relations Positive Image Competition […]