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The Benefits of Gifting Promotional USB drives.

The initial commercial sale of the first promotional flash drives entered the promotional merchandise market back in 2000.

A promotional tool and executive gift with purpose as a portable data storage device. Benefits with flash memory and

Promotional USB sticks are seen by the receiver as the modern replacement for data CDs and the old fashioned floppy disc. A modern executive business gift with multiple options available for all budgets, ranging from a diverse choice of cases from moulded solid plastics, twist cap shapes, such as a the Twister USB flash drive, through to bespoke 2D and 3D PVC moulded shapes for the ultimate corporate merchandise custom design, to imitate a product sold within a company’s range or product selection.

Will never suffer damage from electromagnetic interference, along with the ability to withstand surface damage and scratches.

Lightweight and generally robust for many years of use, perfect for businesses with an active field sales team presenting to prospects on a daily basis, or event team staff looking to exchange data files, price lists and product sheets to stand visitors.

Branded USB sticks are favoured by IT support staff and consultancy services for assistance in carrying data content to meetings and service support issues.

Promotional USBs still remain favoured by marketers as part of their promotional product mix, to gift to customers or prospects. Receivers of branded flash drives see the benefit of the technology gift as a valuable tool for data transfer and for the ease of overriding the data and removing from multiple devices. With the added knowledge that the branded USB is supported by all modern operating systems and will work with multiple devices, such as laptops, office computers and even some tablets with a micro USB adaptor.

Student and education support teams treasure the support that branded USB wristbands can provide whilst in school, college or university, the Promotional Twister USB flash drive is still a favoured design due to the compact build and ease to attach to keyrings and lanyards.

The data tool attached to the wrist in bright striking colours, matched to the college or university brand, aids the students in retrieving education materials and coursework whilst allowing the collection of further information for research and study.

How Promotional USB’s Work

A micro printed circuit board, with a USB connector allowing connection to multi devices ranging from desktop to personal computers, laptops and servers.

The promotional flash drive chip remains protected from the elements in a wide choice of cases made from plastics, woods and metal.

Additional fittings include keyring attachments, lanyard and loops for ease of carrying around whilst travelling.

Due to no moving parts, Promotional USB drives are incredibly durable, easy to store, transport, contain in folders and laptop bags along with attaching to key fobs or lanyards.

A USB plug is the standard fitting for branded USB’s, however some models allow for a micro USB plug for ease of plugging directly into devices such as mobile phones.

Once installed into your device dragging and dropping files into your drive will allow for the safe transfer of data between the promotional USB and your computer.


USB Flash drives with hardware encryption

Branded USB flash drives can be considered a leading part in corporate merchandise support.

For companies looking to invite delegates to an event to discuss a new product launch or large re-brand, or even sensitive industry news, the hardware encryption to a promotional USB will be of champion choice to consider.

Hardware encryption is paramount for businesses to hand out sensitive information, or private corporate information, to not be shared outside of the internal team or leaked into the media.

Due to the small size, compact build and petite nature of the branded flash drives they can be easy to lose or misplace.

The promotional USBs protect corporate data by encryption technology and password protection, ensuring your corporate information never falls into your competitor’s lap or leaves your business in any danger.

How are promotional USB flash drives made?

The factory production uses different levels of technology from high-value electrical components to lower value tech parts.

Onto a branded circuit board the promotional flash chip holding surface mounted integrated circuits is then adhered. At this stage Quality checks are completed to fully screen for issues and the memory storage achieved.

A probe card is used to mount the flash memory to the motherboard. Metal needles for electrical contact are used and placed through thin edge stips comprised of metal.

Production of promotional USB flash drives is still completed in stages by hand, such as the mounting of the printed circuit board. After the chips have been mounted, a factory machine then completes the process by wire bonding the two together.

Promotional USB Flash drives Vs Branded Micro SD cards

Both branded USB Flash Drives and promotional SD cards are a fantastic merchandise tool for businesses looking to invest in corporate promotional giveaways to advertise their brand, products or services.

Promotional USB Flash drives benefit the receiver with the ease of plugging into multi devices from personal computers, laptops and desk based devices, they can be easily taken out of the office, stored in laptop cases, bags and even on keychains, as a relatively robust product the longevity of use is amplified that that of a SD card.

Promotional micro SD cards are very compact in comparison to printed USB Flash Drives,. A favoured choice for businesses looking to gift a corporate branded item that can be easily stored and used by the receiver, with a micro portability. SD cards can limit the user in use as the card can only be used to transfer data with a device that has a micro card slot available.

Branded Micro SD cards are reliable and promise high speed data transmissions for the accelerated data exchanges.

Promotional card readers are now a sought after choice to bridge the cap of Micro SD cards and Branded USBS by benefitting the receiver with the option to read multi data card applications


What size of Memory for Promotional USB Flash Drive will work best for my needs?

Consider firstly your required data to be uploaded to the branded flash drive and this will be your easiest route to actualize your required amount of memory size required for your promotional marketing campaign.

Debate how the Promotional USB will be used after gifting out to your recipient, do you want them to continue to use your branded flash drive in the home, office or external meetings, advertising your logo to a wider audience with every use.

Perhaps your customer may want to continue to use the branded USB for personal storage of music, photos, documents and video. The flash drive may also be of use for the owner to store apps or software.

Promotional USB flash drives generally come as standard with an optional pre-load of up to 150mb.

Memory suggestions.

2GB  – Designed for a more moderate business use, will allow a business to include a standard price list, some photo images and still allow the recipient to continue to use for a handful of additional storage data needs.

4GB  – A branded USB flash drive choice with double the capacity of the standard 2GB, ideal for students who will appreciate the the additional room to photos, videos and music, gifting a memory of this size will provide a useful tool for the student, for both educational and personal storage requirements.

8GB – Promotional flash drives with this volume of available memory size, will benefit both the business investing in the device to hand out large portfolios of images, corporate videos, price lists and spreadsheets, whilst also enabling the user to enjoy further room for personal storage and data transfer use.

16GB –  Considering this very generous memory size, will benefit your business with the memory option of transferring large media files and artwork files from devices and drives, imperative tool for those in design service or media production.  Gifting this size of promotional USB will be greatly recieved by your audience, and likely to migrate into the receiver’s personal use, as it will be large enough to double up for storage of domestic files.

If you feel that your business needs to explore an option on an even larger Branded USB flash drive even larger memory sizes are available such as as 64GB, 128GB and 126GB.


Alternative designs of Promotional USB Drives to consider

Consider the appearance of your chosen Promotional USB flash drive and if it will appeal to your target audience once gifted. As a popular executive promotional gift, you will want your business gift to really stand out.

For maximum impact and a positive ROI on your advertising gift, evaluate and explore a design that reflects your product or service, a memory size that will reflect the expected data usage and requirements to the sector you are planning on gifting the promotional USB’s into.

Perhaps your business is looking to promote a new product, you can explore a fully customised promotional USB, in a 2D or 3D Pvc moulded shape. A custom USB can be a fantastic and quirky bespoke option to consider if your new product can be molded into a 3d shape.

Custom USB’s

  • Perfect for businesses looking to cement a little wow factor into your promotional product gifting.
  • Have some fun with your USB design, as a custom shape can be to your exact specifications.
  • Wide variety of memory sizes to consider ranging from 1 – 16GB.
  • As a custom flash drive design, the drive will appeal to all ages, sectors and industries.
  • A design unique to your product or service with benefit your brand in two ways;

1 – A memorable design that is exclusive to your business.

2 – Due to the promotional USB shape a constant reminder of your brand and product with the added fun element to ensure multiple use and maximum advertising impressions.

Clip USB Flash drives

  • The clip design to the promotional USB allows the receiver to keep the flash drive in attached to a pocket, folder, desk pad or board, benefitting the user with ease of leaving in a place that allows the drive to be easily retrieved when needed.
  • Sectors that will appreciate the promotional clip usb as a gift include educational teaching staff, consultancy services, IT supporters and financial advisors, the smart design with the clear and simple lines relate to no fuss approach of the industries that will enjoy receiving them.
  • Additional benefits of the clip flash drive include the opportunity to pick between a plastic case or a soft PVC rubberised finish.
  • Due to the flat surfaces on the promotional usb outer case, flexibility on print methods can be explored, from standard spot colour printing to digital CMYK, and to both the front and back of the body.

Credit card Flashdrive

  • As a favoured design and shape for many marketing executives looking for a stylish slim, compact pocket sized promotional flashdrive, the slim credit card flashdrive is a thought after data device,
  • Benefiting marketing campaigns with the ability to print stunning full colour reproduced designs and logos to both sides, the print area is champion in CMYK reproduction.
  • Appealing to both the executive user and the larger brand campaigns, a popular choice for car groups and retailers.
  • Can be packaged in a wide variety of gift boxes.

Executive Metal USB flash drives

  • Considered as one of the best executive gifts to receive, due to the metal build and executive feel to the case.
  • Perfect choice for businesses looking to personalise their flash drives with an engrave branded design as opposed to a standard print.
  • Can be added to a branded corporate folder for a higher perceived value gift item.
  • Perfectly paired with an executive pen or promotional notebook, for the added wow factor to your marketing campaign.
  • Due to the higher end spec of the promotional flash drive, the usb is likely to stay with the receiver for a good length of time.
  • Champion choice for business looking for the perfect conference item.

2-In-1 Music splitter keychain with stylus

Great for students.

2-In-1 Music splitter keychain with a stylus.

Universal 3.5mm audio splitter allows two people to listen to the same media device at the same time with their own set of earbuds.

The key chain keeps the product handy at all times. Mini-stylus is included for touchscreen devices. Plastic.

From £1.40

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6-function key light keyring

6-function key light. This multifunctional key light offers you a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, in 2 sizes, combined with a bright LED light.

Battery included. Plastic.

From £1.02

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Rechargeable USB key light keyring

Rechargeable USB key light. Single LED rechargeable USB torch with twist-action on/off power switch and metal split key chain. Battery included.

ABS plastic with soft touch coating.

From £2.32

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Executive USB Flashdrive

Product Size: 57 mm x 18 mm x 8 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 35 x 13 mm

Twister USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 512MB – 32GB,

Pantone Matched shell available at a cost of £25.00. We can also brand with Dome Logo, Full Colour, Laser Engraving, contact us for pricing.


Metal Cap USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Executive Wrap USB Flashdrive

Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 70mm x 32mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 15×15, Back: 50×15

Slim USB Flashdrive

Very affordable model !, looks great in conference folders.

Plastic case can be Pantone Matched.

Memory Sizes from: 512MB – 32GB

Product Size: 73mm x 19mm x 7mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 35×12, Back: 42.5×12

Metal Hook USB Flashdrive

Stunning unusual Metal USB Flashdrive.

Minimum order from 50 pieces.

Product Size: 47mm x 10mm x 5mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 15 x 10 mm

Metal Clip USB Flashdrive

Both Stunning and practical in the form of an easy carry clip.

Choose from Engrave or print for your branding. With memory Sizes ranging from 1 – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 pieces.

Product Size: 45mm x 12mm x 6mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 28 x 10 mm

Candy Powerbank

The Smart Power Candy is an ABS plastic powerbank with a built in intelligent over charge and discharge protection and is suitable for charging mobile phones, MP3/4 players, digital cameras and portable gaming devices. The Candy has a vibrant matt plastic casing and a white glossy print area perfect for full colour and spot colour printing.

Available in 6 bright colours.Minimum order quanity from 50 units.
Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 96mm x 24mm x 22mm Product Weight: 68g
Logo Printing Area: 85mm x 17mm
Printing Options: 1-4 Spot Colour, Full Colour

Keyring USB flashdrive

Memory Size: 1MB – 16GB Product Size: 58mm x 17mm x 7mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 30×13

POWER POD Powerbank Charger

The Power Pod is an ABS plastic powerbank that has an angled, cylindrical shape. The Pod’s core comes in an extensive range of vibrant colours whilst the outer shell remains white. This design works well when branded as the white shell ensures the logo used does not need to be altered.

The Power Pod comes supplied in a clear plastic presentation box which includes a user manual and a micro USB charging cable for charging the powerbank.

Material: ABS Plastic.
Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 2200 mAh

Metal Key USB Flash Drive

Memory Size: 512MB – 16GB.

Minimum orer at 50 units.

Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 57mm x 24mm x 3mm
Logo Printing Area: Both Sides, Head: 18×8, Side: 34×8

Dog Tag USB Flash drive

Lead Time: 7-14 days

Memory Size: 512MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 50mm x 30mm x 4mm
Logo Printing Area: Both Sides: 40×20


Metal Robot USB Flashdrive

The ultimate quirky robot USB keyring!

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 75mm x 52mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 15×18, Back: 15×12

Brick Man USB Flashdrive

Available in gold or Silver

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 80mm x 34mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Both Sides: 15×15

Wooden USB Flashdrive

Speak to us about the different wood finishes available!

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minium order from 50 units.

Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 60mm x 28mm x 10mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 28×15


Wooden Twister USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 63mm x 22mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 50×15


Trans USB Flash Drive

Incredible Value with metal plate trim.

Minimum order starting at 50 units.

Lead Time: 7-14 days

Product Size: 71mm x 23mm x 9mm

Speak to us about available colours, Pantone Match available

Memory Size: 512MB – 32GB

Logo Printing Area: Front: 30 x 11, Back: 35 x 11

POD USB Flashdrive

Unbeatable value USB Flashdrive!

Minimum order from 50 units.

Memory Size: 512MB – 32GB

Lead Time: 7-14 days

Product Size: 59mm x 23mm x 12mm
Logo Printing Area: Cap & Body, Both Sides: 16 x 12

Exec Embossed USB flashdrive

Memory size: 1GB – 12GB

MOQ: 50
Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 100 mm x 25 mm x 9 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 40 mm x 13 mm

Lanyard USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order starting from 50 units.

Product Size: 510mm x 30mm x 6mm
Logo Printing Area: Product Front & Back: 20×15, Lanyard Both Sides: 365×15

Smooth Slide USB Flashdrive

Great value for a gentrified USB style!

MOQ: 50
Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 50 mm x 19 mm x 9 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 48 x 17 mm

Metal Block USB Flashdrive

Executive all the way, premium item once engraved!

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Min order from 50 units.

Product Size: 57mm x 15mm x 6mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 25×10, Back: 30×10

Gloss Metal USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units

Product Size: 59mm x 17mm x 7mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 28×12


Trans Metal Trim USB Flashdrive

Memory size: 1GB – 12GB

MOQ: 50
Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 51.5 x 17 x 8.5 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 30 mm x 9 mm

Houghton A5 Zipped Portfolio Tablet Holder

Zipped portfolio with lined a5 pad, pen loop and multi positional tablet holder. Finished in a classic leather look with an excellent emboss quality. Fits a variety of iPads and Tablets.

From £15.80

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Pembury Tecfolio

Zipped Tecfolio made from REACH compliant Pembury P.U. Item c/e a 5000Mah integral powerbank and charging cable. Featuring a tablet pc sleeve and displayer and organiser section. Dimensions: 260mm(w) x 335mm(h) x 30mm(d)

From £28.43

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Mini Keyring Powerbank

Back-up power in a thumb size package; the Smart Power Mini is one of the most reliable powerbanks available. Thanks to the Mini’s 2-in-1 reversible Micro USB and Lightning adapter, you can charge most phones on the go. Featuring a 450mAh battery, the Mini is the perfect back-up to keep in your bag or on your keys.

The Mini is available in both black and white, and its long smooth back means it is great for up to 4 spot colour, and full colour printing! With the Mini, you don’t have to worry about charging cables; featuring both the USB cable and the 2-in-1 phone connector, this is the only ‘all in one’ device you will need!

Product Size: 72 x 23 x 18mm

Logo Printing Area: 55 x 18mm



From £2.96

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Fidget Box

Spin, click and play with our brand new Fidget Box! Featuring 6 unique sides, this gadget can keep you entertained for hours. Whether you use this device to concentrate or relax; you won’t want to put the Fidget Box down! No more clicking your pen, or tapping your pencil. The Fidget Box is covered with fun and interesting things to keep your hands busy. As this product helps keep you concentrate, the Fidget Box works great in schools, offices and even at home.

• 6 interesting and fun sides
• Click – No more clicking of your pen! 3 buttons click, 2 buttons are silent!
• Glide – Keep your thumb moving on the thumb stick! This area can be branded using 1 spot colour print, or a full colour dome.
• Flip – Enjoy turning the light on and off? Use the flip switch!
• Breathe – Inspired by traditional worry stones; relax and de-stress.
• Roll – Keep moving with the spinning ball and gears.
• Spin – Rotate the dial and keep it spinning.

Product Size: 33 x 33 x 33mm

Logo Printing Area: Diameter 17mm


From £2.29

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LED Fidget Spinner

LED-World Famous Fidget Toy, Simple,Fun,Flashing.

Have you ever found yourself biting your nails due to boredom or anxiety, or you know of someone that cant stop fidgeting?LED fidget spin may be here to help! Featuring high quality ABS, the Spin can spin for more than 1 minute on a single spin.  With 2 removable clips which sit in the middle of the product that can be printed full colour or up to 2 spot colour (subject to logo). With the addition of 3 plastic LED lights, the LED spin really stands out from the rest.

• Relax, Focus, Concentrate
• Office, Schools or Home
• Quit Bad Habits
• Keep your Hands Busy
• Quick and Easy to Learn
• Smooth Bearing Spins
• Hours of fun
• LED Light Features
– Flashing
– Individual Flashing

Product Size: 70 x 70 x 12mm

Logo Printing Area: Diameter = 17.5mm




From £2.17

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Kracken Charger

The legend is true, the Kraken is here! Featuring a 5000mAh battery , and 16 suction cups that will stick to any smooth surface, including your phone which is great for charging on the go. The Kraken also comes with either lightning charging cable or micro USB charging cable, which is securely hidden away on the back of the powerbank close to the suction cups. This product has a premium aluminium finish which is nicely accompanied by a soft ABS base, keeping the Kraken light and secure.

Available in 3 attractive colours; black, silver and gold, which can be branded by either engraving or 4 spot colour print. The massive branding area on the Kraken opens up huge potential for unique designs to make any brand stand out. The top of the product has a USB charging input, which can also output power to charge your phone, a micro USB for output charging, a power button and 4 white LEDs that indicate power levels.

Thanks to the Krakens slim body shape, it can easily slip into a bag or pocket while attached to a phone. The Kraken is a reliable and powerful powerbank, capable of charging on the go in any situation.

Starting from 25 units.

Product Size: 120 x 65 x 8mm

Logo Printing Area: 110 x 52mm


Power Charger Module

The Power Module is a combination of both ABS plastic and aluminium giving it a durable, contemporary structure that is supplied in a range of metallic colours. Suitable for charging mobile phones, MP3/4 players, digital cameras and portable gaming devices The Module also has 3 sizeable print and engraving areas.

The Smart Power Module comes supplied in a clear plastic presentation box which includes a user manual and a micro USB charging cable for charging the powerbank.

Material: Aluminium & ABS Plastic.
Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 2200 mAh.

Product Size: 98 x 29.5 x 27.3 mm

Logo Printing Area: 75 x 17 mm

IQ Mobile Device Tool

iQ aims at providing a card-type versatile tool for users in an era of mobile devices. iQ integrates OTG function, charger cable, syncing cable, MicroSD (TF)/SD (MMC) data storage card and SIM-eject tool within card-size space 5mm thin and fits easily into your wallet. The modern Swiss style pocketknife!

Lead time: 2 – 3 weeks

Product Size: 85 x 56 x 5mm

Logo Printing Area: 45 x 21mm


4-in-1 Charging Cable

The Troup 4-in-1 Charging Cable with Type-C. USB data and charging cable with 4 connectors; a USB adaptor, two micro-USB adaptors and a Type-C adaptor. ABS Plastic. 17g.

Available in Black, White, Red Blue

Print Area: 15mm x 15mm


From £2.44

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Stylus Key Chain

alu stylus key chain. Mini aluminium stylus for touchscreen devices with metal split keyring. Aluminium.

Available in: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Silver

Print Area: 30mm  x 5mm


Sonic Amplifier and Smartphone Stand

Sonic amplifier and smartphone stand. Handy media stand with built-in sound amplifier on metal split key ring. Compatible with iPhone® series devices. ABS plastic and TPU.

Available in Blue, red, White, Green, Silver, Black

Print Area: 30mm x 12mm


From £1.07

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RFID Credit Card Protector

RFID Credit Card Protector. The RFID Credit Card Protector provides you with the perfect defence against payment fraud and identity theft because it has an electromagnet shield. The RFID Card holder is also slim, so you can still keep it in your wallet, purse or pocket. It also offers a large decoration area. Plastic

Available in: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red.

Print Area: 50mm x 20mm


4-port USB Hub

4-port USB hub. 4 port rectangular USB hub with foldable input port. HIPS plastic.

print Area: 44mm x 22mm

From £2.16

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Media Stand

Orso media stand. Sleek design that acts as a media holder for mobile and tablet devices. Ideal for watching movies, gaming or following a recipe. Exclusive design. Plastic

Print Area: 35mm x 10mm


Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse. Bright optical mouse with USB receiver for wireless RF connection and special DPI function (800/1200/1600 DPI). The DPI button makes it possible to quickly change the sensitivity of your mouse, which is very convenient during gaming. Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included). Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Comes in transparent box. Plastic.

Box can also be branded at additional cost.

Print Area: 30mm x 30mm – Mouse


From £9.16

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Desk Weather Clock

Desk weather clock. Desk clock with time function, alarm function, snooze function, calendar and C/F thermometer. Battery included. Plastic.

Print Area: 40mm x 7mm


From £3.68

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Tablet Tote

11″ Tablet Tote. Convention tote shopper ideal for carrying an 11″ tablet and other accessories. Features main compartment with easy to fasten clip and flap closure. Mesh pockets on both sides provide additional storage. Handle drop down length is 28cm. 600d Polyester.

Embroidery Size: at 80mm

Bag Size: 390mm x 380mm x 110mm


From £5.82

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Cube Laptop Backpack – 15.6′

Tulsa 15,6″ Laptop backpack. Laptop backpack. Main compartment with laptop pocket and 10″ tablet sleeve, front zipper pocket and adjustable padded shoulder straps. 300D Polyester.

Print Area: 160mm x 130mm

Bag Size: Suitable for a laptop upto size: 15.6′  – 295mm x 395mm x 100mm

From £9.24

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Slim Laptop Backpack – 15.6′

The Slim 15.6″ Laptop Backpack. Large double zipped main compartment with padded section for 15.6″ laptops . Four additional zipped organisational pockets for all your technology essentials.

Two side zipped compartments ideal for cables, chargers etc. Large zipped front pocket. Top zipped pocket for quick access. Padded back panel. Double padded adjustable shoulder straps. Top carry handle. 600D Polyester. 280g.

Print Area: 200 x 180mm

Bag Size: 290mm x 4300mm x 120mm



From £9.43

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Executive RFID card holder

RFID card holder. Card holder with RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from identity theft, breaking and damage. Can hold up to 12 cards. Presented in a Marksman gift sleeve. Aluminium and polyester.

Presented in a Marksman gift sleeve.

Made from: Aluminium and polyester.

From £1.84

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

13″ Laptop Sleeve. This streamlined sleeve houses a 13″ laptop and front zipped pocket fits an iPad®/10.1″ tablet or can double as storage for accessories and earbuds. Dual density foam padding cushions the exterior and prevents internal scratching. Compact design allows this case to fit easily into any bag. 300D polyester.

transfer Area: 180mm x 100mm

Product size: 375mm x 269mm


From £13.53

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Weekender 15″ Computer Tote

Weekender 15″ Computer Tote. 15” computer tote which can also be carried as a messenger thanks to the adjustable and removable cross body shoulder strap. The zipped main compartment with an accent snap closure features a padded laptop sleeve with a dedicated tablet pocket and a mesh organisational pocket. The Tarpaulin bottom provides extra durability and adds a trendy look. 300d Polyester with Tarpaulin.

** item can be embroidered at an additional cost – send us your logo and we will come back with your branding cost**

The Tarpaulin bottom provides extra durability and adds a trendy look. 300d Polyester with Tarpaulin.

Made from:300d Polyester with Tarpaulin.

Primt area: 78mm x 78mm

Bag Size: 520mm x 390mm x 150mm


From £11.24

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Chocolate Computer

Novelty a chocolate in the shape of a keyboard.

Flavour: Milk chocolate

Size: 205 x 140 x 18mm

Expiry Date: 6 Months

Offset printed Full colour.


From £2.59

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Large Desk Calculator

Plastic large white desk calculator with 10 digit display.

Size: 195 x 107 x 35mm

Print Area: 20 x 90mm


From £5.22

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Torch and Bottle Opener in Gun Metal

Torch and bottle opener. 6 white LED torch with twist off bottle opener and carabiner. Batteries included. Aluminium.

Size: 10 cm x 2.5cm

Print area:35mm x 10mm


From £1.52

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Safety Slap Band with Blinking Light

Compliant blinking light. Red flashing light includes reflective arm slap strap (27.8 x 2.4 cm) ideal for various outdoor activities. Battery included. Plastic casing with PVC strap.

Print Area: 20 x 25mm – Light and 70mm x 10 mm – Strap



From £1.42

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Reflector Light with Coloured Clip

Reflector light with coloured back clip and 2 light settings; steady white or blinking red. On/off power button on the side. Batteries included. ABS Plastic. 14g.

Size: 6.2cm x 1.7cm x 3.10cm

Print Area: 20 x 15mm

Various colours available.



From £1.57

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Metal Push Button Ball pen with Torch.

Push button ball pen in aluminium with torch. Blue ink. LR621 batteries included.

Available in White or Black,

Print Area to the side of barrel: 45 mm x 6 mm


Invisible Pen with UV Light – 3 Colours

Invisible pen with UV light in ABS. Push the button to turn the light on to reveal what has been written. 3 button batteries included.

Print Area:  46 mm  x 6 mm

Available in Lime Green, Yellow and Blue



Personal Alarm with Keyring – 2 Colours

Mini personal alarm in ABS which activates when the pin is pulled it is attached to a key ring. It also has 1 white LED light. 3 AG13 batteries included.

Size: 6 x 3 x 2.2 cm

Print Area: 10 x 10 mm



From £2.27

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Lost Keyfinder Device on Keychain with Bluetooth

Bluetooth anti-loss/ keyfinder device made in durable ABS material. Requires a free app (Small Lovely) available in both iOS and Android. Attach the device to your bag, keys or luggage and whenever your belongings are lost the device will help you to find them. The additional features available with this item are remote shutter/selfie button and phone finder function. 1 CR2032 battery included. Range distance

Available in Black or White

Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.7 cm

Print Area: 15 x 20 mm


From £5.51

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Extendable Aluminium Torch – 3 LED Light and Magnet

Extendable aluminium torch with 3 LED light and magnet on top and clip on side. 4 Batteries LR44 included. Maximum length 57 cm.

Available in Silver or Black.

Size: 2 x 2 x 17cm

Engrave Area: 45mm x 7mm


From £3.99

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Compact Metal Torch including 9 LED White Light

Compact metal torch including 9 LED white lights presented in gift box. 3 x AAA batteries included.

Size: 2.8 x 9 cm

Engrave Area: 20 x 10 mm


From £3.89

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Plastic 9 White LED Torch with Strap

9 white LED torch made of ABS with strap. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Size: 3.1 x 9.5 cm

Print Area: 25 x 10 mm

Colours: Black, Green, red, Blue



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Red LED torch with Carabiner hook and gift Box

Red LED aluminium torch with carabiner hook. 4 cell batteries included. Individually packed in a black carton gift box.

Size: 1.6 x 10 x 2.6 cm

Engrave area: 20 x 7 mm




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Thumbs Up Light and Stylus Keychain – 6 Colours

LED light and stylus key ring in thumbs up shape. 3x AG3 batteries included.

Size: 4 x 1 x 5.7 cm

Print Area: 25 x 15mm

Available in 6 Colours.


Executive Titanium Torch with Gift Box

0.5W Radar Key Torch. A bright 0.5 watt bulb white light. Built in handle at the back which can be used as the push button power switch. Packed in a Marksman gift box. 4 x LR44 Panasonic button cell batteries included and inserted. Exclusive Design. Aluminium and ABS.

Available in two finishes.

Engrave Area; to the side: 30 x 10mm


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Carabiner Metal Key Light with Single LED

Single bright white LED key light with pulling on/off switch in anodised body. Includes batteries and carabiner that is not intended for climbing. Aluminum.

Size: 6.1cm x 1.2cm

Print Area: 50 x 6mm



Bluetooth Headphones – Great Business Gift

Black and white wireless Bluetooth earphones stored in a clear plastic cylinder and sealed with a black stopper. Earphones charge via USB port


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Ultra Slim Cross PowerBank

the ultra-slim 4000mAh powerbank that features a unique X power indicator button, and comes in 4 bold pastel colours. Charge anything from your smart phone to your camera, and get at least a full charge depending on usage! Supplied in a white Presentation tuckbox.

Min order of x 50 units

• 4000mAh Powerbank
• Light Weight
• Distinctive Design
• LED Indicators
• Plug & Go
• Slim Body
• Unique Power Level Button
• 2 Branding Areas

Size: 120 x 70 x 10mm, weight 90g

Lead Time 2-3 Weeks. Print Area: Front: 80 x 50mm and Back: 95 x 50mm


Mini Bluetooth Speakers – Various Colours & Boxed

MOQ: Just 100 Units     Lead Time: 10 – 15 working days

Product Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 50mm       Weight: 230g

Material: Metal     Loudspeaker Output: 3w

Working Range: Up to 10m     Working Time: 5 hrs

Battery Capacity:  520mAh     Charge Time: 2 hrs

PLUS! All speakers come individually boxed as standard, with a Great Print Area.


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Hue Powerbank – 2200mAh with Keyring Hole

One of the newer Powerbank designs for 20171

Features compact 2200mAH battery encased in ABS plastic.

Bright coloured strip trims with useful hole perfect for attaching kerings or carabiners.

Available in 6 Different colours.

Starting from x 50 units.

Item can also be printed digitally for an additional cost.




Power Wireless Charger Device, Dual USB Charging

Whether you decide to charge your devices via charging cable or wirelessly, the Smart Power Wireless wont let you down. Featuring dual USB charging, an LED torch, wireless charging capabilities and a 8000 mAh polymer battery.

The powerbank comes in two different body colours; black and white with two choices of trim colours; silver or gold. Printable up to 5 spot colour or full colour on both the front and back depending upon size of artwork. With the smooth matte plastic finish, full colour print works really well around the centre QI symbol.

Unfortunately, mobile phones like the iPhone 6/7 amongst others don’t feature wireless charging capabilities. Luckily, we are offering a thin and flexible accessory that sits on the back of your phone and plugs into the phones power port. With this accessory, your phone would work on wireless devices similar to the Smart Power Wireless.

As the Smart Wireless isn’t much bigger than an iPhone, it fits comfortably in a pocket or bag alongside your phone. As the mobile phone market grows with wireless charging in mind, the Smart Power Wireless is a great powerbank to have by your side.

Size:  148 x 71 x 11 mmF

Print Area: 143m x 55mm

White Item  can also be printed digitally.


Fusion Bluetooth Speaker – Stunning Exec Gift

Share your favourite music with your friends on the road and stay charged at the same time! Fusion Bluetooth Speaker delivers high quality music playback, creating an unforgettable experience. On a business trip; the build in microphone offers an impeccable conference call experience for corporate companies. With the 6000mAh battery built in, you wont have to worry about your device running low on battery!

Size: 146 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm

Print Area: 25 x 25 mm


Slim Aluminium Powerbank – 4000mAh in 5 Colours

Slim, premium, powerbank; the Smart Arch boasts a sylish aluminium body and easily accessable white ports. As the Arch is so light, it is the perfect companion for any trip. Whether you have a black body finish, or silver, you won’t be disappointed by the class finish of the Arch.

• 4000mAh
• Slim Size
• Power LEDs
• Pocket Power
• Mobile Size
• Quick & Easy

MOQ: 50
Lead Time: 3 Weeks +
Product Size: 110 x 68 x 10mm
Product Weight: 103g
Logo Printing Area: 100 x 50mm
Printing Options: 1-4 Spot Colour, Laser Engraving, UV Full Colour

*Also available in 8000mAh

Colours available in Light Copper Gold, Silver, Black, Green, and Navy Blue.


Timebox-Mini with Bluetooth and Pixel Art Canvas

mart Timebox-Mini is the most unique desktop companion with versatile functions. It’s a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, a LED lamp, and a powerful computing device. It will continue to evolve through software updates, where it will bring excitement and fun into your daily life.

• Equipped with a compact 5W full-range driver,our acoustic engineers fine-tuned the Timebox Mini audio with the latest DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology.

• With a panel of 11×11 RGB LED, Timebox-Mini delivers vibrant colours with the smaller LEDs. While consuming less energy, these smaller LEDs provide similar luminosity as a 3W night light, and your pixel art now appears more vivid and detailed.

• Creating pixel art has never been easier! You can create your awesome designs within seconds. Doodle or Picasso, just unleash your creativity in the most convenient and modern way possible.

• With both visual and audio stimulation, Timebox-Mini includes 22 professional sleep-aid tracks that help you fall asleep faster.

• Leave a voice message on the Timebox-Mini, it’s your personal reminder or a ‘fridge notepad’ for your family.

• 5W DSP Fine-tuned driver
• 121 Full-RGB Pixel LED
• Professional sleep-aid and smart alarm
• Built-in voice messenger and FM radio tuner
• Social media notification, temperature sensor and more
• 16 Million RGB Colors. The most vibrant and colourful speaker ever

MOQ: 25
Lead Time: 3 Weeks +
Product Size: 91 x 90 x 38mm
Product Weight: 292g
Logo Printing Area: 60 x 30mm
Printing Options: 1-2 Spot Colour, Custom Pixel Design


Smart Phone Touch Screen Gloves – Student Promo

Touch screen gloves

Both Gloves can be embroidered for an additional cost.

Available in; Black, Red, Royal Blue

Unisex Size

Embroidery Area: 50 x 15mm


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