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Products you should consider for corporate giveaways

Corporate promotional giveaways will serve two purposes, to benefit your brand or services and provide a positive lasting impression, to your visitors and clients.

For effective corporate executive gifts, consider your audience, explore a product or selection of promotional giveaways that are relevant to your sector or industry, will be useful and well received by the end user.

Drill down on the most relevant corporate gifts decide if the product is to be enjoyed by the receiver for one time only such as confectionary or drinks, or to be continually used by the audience after the event has passed, such as a promotional reusable water bottle.

What is your available budget, perhaps you could bulk buy and use for alternative events throughout the calendar year. By taking advantage of better pricing on higher volume promo purchases, you can look to acquire more corporate executive gifts for use further down the line, or for thanking your internal team, and gifting your existing client base.

Personal delivery of the corporate gift will make a difference to how well it is received by your audience, consider the packaging and if a corporate gift bag is needed to add an additional layer of prestige once gifting your promotional giveaway, or multiple promotional items.

Practical application, do you want your gifted audience to constantly use your corporate gift, consider reusable water bottles, or sports bottles containing an area for fruit infusion for brands, you will show you care about health and nutrition whilst promoting healthy eating and hydration.

Automotive gifts, such as car chargers, go down a storm for a wide audience, due to the instrumental need to charge modem devices whilst on the go. Consider products that show your care about the health and well-being of the receiver.

Day or evening event handout? Are you planning an open day event, or inviting guests to an evening event or evening awards ball, consider the difference in the event experience and if this is an element to consider with your corporate gifts. Examples of day events and the use or corporate gifts include bottled water to hydrate your guests during the day and promotional mints left on the delegates table during the awards ceremony for refreshment after the speeches and for taking back home after the event.

Know your audience Perhaps you are entertaining a potential client or existing customer working in the hotel, travel and leisure industry. Consider tailoring your corporate gift to the sector. Promotional gifts such as branded travel bags handed out to your customers and prospects will do wonders for your brand as the audience will view your choice of business gift with a high perceived value. Within the travel industry other effective corporate gifts include luggage tags,  flip flops, promotional sunglasses and printed beach balls.

Your business may be promoting a cycling product or a new range of bicycles.

Corporate gifts work well as personal items to be taken home after the event. Safety lights or LED lights for bicycles and runners is an excellent choice for marketing impact as is custom bike seat covers.

Environmental concerns – Considering a selection of corporate gifts that contain environmentally friendly items if your business has environmental concerns or causes, reflects how much you care about the Eco challenges of promotional items, and the ethics of recycled products.

Wearable items work wonders for larger brands and businesses, offering clothing as a corporate gift option such as branded hoodies, printed t-shirts and branded caps is an effective gift to appeal to a student audience.

Bespoke items have an unprecedented impact once presented to the receiver. Corporate gifts in the form of stress toys in bespoke shapes and characters are perfect for businesses looking to mimic a product in their offerings or add novelty to their corporate event giveaways. Creating multiple marketing impressions after being taken back into an office to sit on a desk for entertainment value. Power Banks and USB flash drives can be created in bespoke shapes to offer the same level of unique promotional product experience to your target audience.

Be creative with your choice of corporate executive giveaways and don’t be afraid to work with unusual promotional gifts.

Sales promotion Perhaps you need a corporate giveaway as a reward following a sales promotion, or promotional products to offer after a marketing campaign to increase engagement, on multiple social media platforms.


What are your options for cheap promotional giveaways?

When examining your many options for corporate giveaways, even on a tighter marketing budget you can still aspire to utilise promo products that will entertain and be enjoyed by the audience at the same time as creating multiple brand impressions once handed out to your audience.

Marketers should step away from the normal corporate gift offering for additional impact and “wow “ factor when presented to the audience.

Marketing campaigns and brand messages are more effective when the choice of corporate gifted products promote intrigue, create fun due to the novelty factor, and provide fiddle factor fun.

Corporate gifts that entertain the audience but aren’t necessarily expensive can be sourced with ease, such as bouncy balls and retro sunglasses. These fun cheap promo items can work within your marketing campaign and stay within budget, even if produced and sourced for a volume hand out.

Corporate pens can be an option for marketers looking to explore a cheap promotional giveaway, with multiple colourways available for pen barrels and trims, companies can look to choose a perfect pen within brand at an affordable price.

Corporate calendars are a choice favourite for marketers and sales representatives looking to provide a cheap promotional giveaway to the sales team after visiting prospects and clients, and a reason to pop in and see your customer base at the end of the year.

For an effective corporate gift campaign look to provide a few choices for your stand visitors to choose from once they have approached your reps, offering a selection will suit a few different sectors and please your potential the prospect with a variation of choice. The right choice of corporate gift should give the event delegates a reason to talk to your business.

If your brand is looking to appeal to an audience within an automotive audience promotional air fresheners, are a champion choice to consider for corporate gifts, with the added benefit of allowing bespoke shapes and your choice of fragrance. Marketers can also take advantage of the large branding area and ability to print different marketing messages to each side, ticking the practical, useful and novelty boxes.

Travel bags can add extra emphasis on marketing messages for brands aiming to appeal to a leisure or travel audience for a corporate gift with a high perceived value, a reasonably priced promo bag will provide multiple marketing messages for your brand whilst in use.


What’s new in 2017 for unusual promotional gifts

if your marketing audience is in education or publishing consider a corporate giveaway in the form of a bookmark instead of your business cards, handing out your company details logos and contact information will form a lasting impression of your company and brand, with endless possibilities for marketing impressions.

Corporate giveaways offering the chance to digitally downloads product or company information when attending exhibitions or events is still a champion choice for businesses.

Promotional T-bags are delightful additions to a corporate giveaway bag or pack. A supreme match for companies offering relaxation service or holistic therapies, great as a corporate event giveaway.

Pet products, branded leads collars, food bowls and dog hi viz jackets works perfectly for brands looking for exposure to a pet loving audience.

Fruit Infusion Sports Bottles to refresh a tired event crowd, give them a reason to stop and talk to you and your representatives.

Corporate Confectionary  – What better way to attract customers and thank your existing customer base than confectionary goodies. Corporate promotional giveaways need not be boring and can pop a smile on the audience’s face. Confectionary for a team to share can be a great way to encourage teams to discuss you and your services. With retro sweets tins filled with goodies and plenty of room for your company’s logo and tagline, considering corporate confectionery as a promotional gift is a superior option for marketers looking for a product to allow their business development team to arrange an appointment to discuss how your business can help them.

Virtual Reality glasses  – Smart VR  is embraced by architects and construction companies can promote their own work and showcase projects. As a wearable corporate gift, supplying magic in a cardboard box, along with engagement to your prospects and a level of interaction with your audience. With variable options available for all budgets, ranging from the standard Eco-friendly designs; as used by google, to full colour printed card. Branded VR headsets created from card come with the added bonus of ease to fold flat and mail to your prospects or take to your industry show or event. For the more executive gift corporate plastic headsets can also be sourced.

Fiddle factor items, such as puzzle cubes and gadget gifts such as rubik’s cubes and concept cubes, in multiple sizes for most budgets, and guaranteed to entertain and provide enjoyment to your audience whilst ticking the retro games box for a executive corporate audience. Rubik’s cubes and snakes can sourced in keyring form and mini shapes for one of the more unusual promotional gifts. With the ability to brand to all sides, fiddle factor items are an exceptional choice for marketers.

Key finders, Perfect for any brand looking to run a marketing message about saving and finding solutions. Providing both a highly practical tool for your audience in keeping hold of important sets of keys but also an unusual promotional gift for professionals. Brands can have a lot of fun with their marketing messages utilising the “finder” message of the gifted product, within their marketing messages.

Sport tech fabric apparel Taking a step away from the more widely used corporate clothing and promotional merchandise standard baseball caps and promotional t-shirts, marketers can explore the option of sport tech fabrics in the form of branded running t-shirts and vests as part of a corporate giveaway promotion. Champion choice for marketers and brands promoting to an audience in the sports sector.

Bespoke promo products – With advanced manufacturing processes in silicon and PVC moulding, unique and bespoke designed are easily sourced and produced for cost effective corporate promotional giveaways. PVC manufacturing can create intricate and fine designs to coasters, keyrings, USB flash drives and even power banks. Looking for a unique corporate gift idea, then exploring bespoke will propel your brand with your designed audience as it will be tailored just to your business, message or product. Pantone matching can be achieved for companies keen on sticking well within their brand guidelines. Custom shapes allow for the ultimate brand recognition in your corporate gift campaign.


What is SWAG?

A less commonly used phrase for Corporate Gifts and free promotional giveaways gifted to an audience from companies and businesses looking to promote their brand or services

Branded SWAG continues to do wonders for marketing messages, new product launches, customer retention, and brand recognition.

Corporate promotional products can put a emphasis and weight to your marketing message.

A considered corporate gift, handed out to an audience, that is reflective of the companies sector, services and target market, will increase the brand presence in the marketplace, and reciprocal thinking from your prospects.

If the gifted audience really appreciates your corporate gift it will aid your marketing message and bring about positive thoughts regarding your brand and services.

SWAG can also be used in sales promotions and social media campaigns. To reward the audience for a new purchase or sign up, acting as a key motivator towards a sale.

Bet Ballpen

Featuring glossy chrome trim on a sleek streamlined barrel the Betty D is the perfect full-colour promotional ballpen. Digitally printed, to photo-quality, 360° around the barrel. All together an impressive and cost-effective choice!

From 46p

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Garland Stylus Ballpen

The Garland Stylus is a full-colour digitally printed plastic ballpen with black trim and soft stylus on the nib suitable for all tablets and smartphones. Shiny chrome trim.

From 99p

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Lightup Ballpen

Combines the convenience of a pocket flashlight with a smooth writing pen in one unique product. The flashlight is activated by a slide on/off button. Button cell batteries included.

From 54p

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Racer Frost Ballpen

An outstanding value, twist action ball pen with vibrant frost colours and excellent writing quality. Also available as a solid white,

From 28p

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Siena Ballpen

A high quality twist action ballpen in diamond black or sonic silver anodised aluminium with bright chrome styling.

From £5.17

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Tegel Executive Ballpen

A highly innovative twist action ballpen superbly engineered with an all metal construction and unique style of clip. Fitted with a German hybrid ‘easyFlow’ refill. A ballpen with the writing characteristics of a rollerball!

From £5.21

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Daytona Ballpen

A superb quality metal ballpen in three durable matt anodised colours with a high quality self return twist mechanism.

From £5.19

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Sakhir Ballpen

A creatively designed high quality twist action ballpen in two gloss lacquered colours with a unique cut out barrel and diamond shaped mesh feature.

From £5.62

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Star Keychain

Star Key Chain. metal key chain with matt finish. Supplied in a black gift box. Metal. 143g.

From £1.32

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Enamel Trolley Coin Keyring

New £1.00 Coin design for 2017! Stamped 1 sided and infilled with up to 4 soft enamel spot colours. Price includes silver nickel plating and trigger clip fitting.

From 41p

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Oval Leather Keyring

Manufactured in a genuine pebble grain black hide with a brushed stainless steel plate and a flat split ring fitting. Supplied in a silver card gift box.

The reverse of the keyrings can also be engraved at additional cost.


From £3.23

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Lynx Metal Keyring

High quality solid metal keyring. Branded with a domed decal on both sides giving a classy 3D look and making it perfect for full colour designs

From 93p

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Budget Metal Keyring

f you’re looking to give your customers a premium quality gift at a budget-friendly price, we have our Tokyo Metal Keyring.

This stylish keyring has a smooth rubberised finish which looks stunning with our mirror engraving. Plus, it’s supplied within a gift box for added perceived value.Size:84mm x 34mm, can be engraved to the reverse at an additional cost.

From £1.18

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Leather strap rectangle keyfob

In bright chrome with a genuine leather strap and flat split ring fitting. Fitted with a process printed white, matt silver or silver mirror finish Polycrown emblem and supplied in a silver card gift box.

Fitted with a process printed white, matt silver or silver mirror finish Polycrown emblem and supplied in a silver card gift box.

From £1.71

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Electra Ballpen

Best-selling aluminium ballpen with anodised finish and chrome trim. The unique positioning of the chrome rings gives this pen a much larger print area than standard.

From 44p

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Bowie Ballpen

Introducing the new Goldstar soft-touch Bowie pen with contemporary gunmetal trims, exquisitely engraved to reveal a striking mirror finish. Your customers will love everything about this ergonomically designed metal pen, including the new Eversmooth elite® German ink refill, which offers a noticeably smooth and unique writing experience due to its premium 1.2mm tungsten carbide ball. matching Mechanical Pencil available, and also gift set from 5K units Barrel can be Pantone Matched.

From 99p

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Crosby Soft Ballpen

Our best selling soft touch pen: The Crosby Soft Touch ballpen has a rubberised aluminium barrel and shiny chrome trim. Its tactile feel and fantastic range of 14 colours makes it a firm favourite. Speak to us about the matching gift set.

From 84p

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Drich Metal Ballpen

The Dietrich is a click-action ballpen featuring a modern matte finish and ergonomic rubber grip. Available in five classic colours, all with black trim.

From 83p

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Ben Ballpen

This click action ballpen with a matte barrel features a grip of subtle grooves and matte black metal clip & trims. Available in a choice of five colours. speak to us about the Matching gift set. Ink black

From 81p

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latina Ballpen

A highly popular and stylish ballpen in a classic combination of lustrous gloss lacquer and bright chrome.

From £1.81

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Perla Ballpens

A new superb value twist action ballpen with a spring loaded clip. Available in pearlescent white or matt black lacquer with bright chrome styling.Metal cross style black refill

From £1.39

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Savoy Ballpen

In black or dark blue gloss lacquer and brushed stainless steel with a self return twist action mechanism and a German made Super Smooth Parker style black ink refill, Engrave available at additional cost.

From £4.19

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Trident Black Ballpen

Black Trident ballpen by Inovo Design in matt black anodised aluminium with gloss black fittings and a German made Super Smooth Parker style black ink refill., engrave available at additional cost.

From £3.21

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Metal bookmark

Bookmark with oval shaped metal plate for logo imprint.

From £1.29

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Recycled Glass Coaster

Recycled Glass Coaster, available in both 100mm Dia round, or 100mm x 100mm square. Withstands temperatures of up to 108 degrees. Dishwasher proof and toughened glass. The coasters are supplied with feet for a premium feel.

From £1.98

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Plastic insert coaster

These high quality coasters contain a printed paper insert to display your full colour message. They offer a great way to get your brand seen on desktops and in the home. With our clear coasters, you can print to both sides of the insert at no extra cost.

From 66p

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Q-mat Coaster

Our Q-Mat coaster offers a low cost but high quality promotional product. There is fantastic colour reproduction on this item on top of a black foam base.

From 27p

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Brite-Mat Coaster

The Brite-Mat Coaster will really show off your brand with stunning colour reproduction and high quality manufacture on a non-slip base. Plus they contain recycled materials for an eco-friendly product. Available in round or square.

From 34p

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House shaped coasters

These fantastic shaped coasters are designed especially for full colour digital print. they’re ideal for helping your brand stand out on any desktop.

From 77p

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Heart Shaped Coaster

These fantastic shaped coasters are designed especially for full colour digital print. they’re ideal for helping your brand stand out on any desktop.

From 77p

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Tyre Brite-mat Coaster

Our Tyre Brite-Mat coaster is perfect for an eco-friendly promotion, as it is made from recycled materials include recycled tyre material, plastics and paper. Available in round or square with outstanding colour reproduction.

From 31p

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Non-slip Coaster

Plastic coaster with rubber contour ensuring a non-slip base., can be printed digitally for an additional cost. Colours: White/Black, White/Blue, White/Green, White/Red

From 54p

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Metal coaster

The highest quality full colour real metal coasters available in a choice of material finishes with high quality felt backing in red, green, blue or black. Aluminium finishes available at additional cost in silver, gold and white. Choice of 4 standard shapes and sizes. UK manufactured.

From 96p

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Real Wood Coasters

A great way to permanently represent your environmental consideration to your customers, these stunning coasters made from the most natural of materials. Responsibly sourced, individual and 100% recyclable. nb. Wood products may vary to that shown. Being a completely natural material, wood varies in colour, blemishes, grain and other inconsistencies – it adds greatly to the individuality of each order. Size: 90mm square + round

From £2.81

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Trolley Coin Keyring Recycled

New 2017 design.
Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, the trolley coin keyring can be digitally printed on one or two sides up to a full colour print, attached to a quality steel/nickel plated lobster clip.

From 19p

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Real Wood Keyrings

A unique option, real wood keyrings are available in cherry, oak or walnut. They can be laser engraved on one or both sides. Please note wood products may vary to that shown. Choice of standard shapes and sizes Being a completely natural material, wood varies in colour, blemishes, grain and other inconsistencies – it adds greatly to the individuality of each order.

From £1.19

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Real Wood keyrings with Dome Label

A unique option, real wood keyrings are available in cherry, oak or walnut. Approximately 5mm thick wood.

Keyrings have a metal jump ring to a 24mm nickel split ring. With full colour domed label.

Choice of standard shapes and sizes with dome label

From £1.64

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Racing Car Keyring

Injection moulded metal racing car. Branded with a 25mm metal tag with debossed logo.

Price includes silver nickel plating, also available in gold, misty nickel at additional cost. Can be supplied with gift box and EVA insert at additional cost.

Can be supplied with gift box and EVA insert at additional cost.

From £1.41

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Recycled leather coasters – Large

Made from recycled leather. Large Shapes 98mm: Round, Square, Barrel, Computer, Mug, Hexagon, Heart, House, Octagon, Triangle, Oval. Colour: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Yellow or Red.

From 43p

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Two-tone lanyard with disc

Hagen two-tone lanyard with the adjustable disc. Lanyard for holding a name badge, ID card, or keys. Includes adjustable plastic disc for logo decoration. The breakaway closure eliminates choking hazards. Polyester.

From 68p

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Storage Pouch Lanyard

storage pouch with lanyard. Storage pouch with transparent window, double zip lock and snap button closure. Includes lanyard with breakaway safety buckle to avoid choking hazard. PVC.

From 82p

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Plastic Roller Clip

roller clip. Great for trade shows and employee badges. Can also be used as a keyring holder. Plastic. Can be pnted digitally or with a resin dome for an additional cost.

From 52p

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Credit Card Shaped Mint Containers

White promotional mint containers with approximately 50 mints.

Our mints are certified and compliant with Global Standards for Food Safety. Print available on both sides of the product.

Print available on both sides of the product, contact us for pricing.


From 37p

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Mint Container Credit Card -Coloured

Plastic credit card sized container filled with sugar free mints.

Our mints are certified and compliant with Global Standards for Food Safety. Print available on both sides of the product.

Print available on both sides of the product, contact us for pricing.

From 37p

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Mint Pots

Promotional mint pots available in three flavours: regular, lemon candy and spearmint.

Full colour printing available at an additional cost.

From 67p

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House Shaped Mint Cards

House shaped mint container in white with approximately 50 mints.

Certified and compliant with Global Standards for Food Safety. Printing is also available on the reverse side of the product.

Printing is also available on the reverse side of the product.


From 39p

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5oz Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Day

EXPRESS PRINTED IN 5 WORKING DAYS. Cotton Tote Bag made from 5oz cotton. Available for full-colour digital transfer printing at an additional cost. Product size: 420mm x 380mm

From 74p

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5oz Coloured Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Days

EXPRESS PRINTED IN 5 WORKING DAYS. Cotton Tote Bag made from 5oz coloured cotton. Available for full-colour digital transfer printing at an additional cost

From 99p

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7oz Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Day

EXPRESS PRINTED 5 DAYS. Cotton Canvas Tote Bag made from 225gsm (7oz) cotton canvas. Available for full-colour digital printing, at additional cost.

From £1.06

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8oz Black Cotton Canvas bag – EXPRESS 5 DAY

Size: 38 x 42 cm with or without a gusset. 8oz Black Cotton Canvas bag – EXPRESS 5 DAY

From £1.19

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Medium Jute Bag – 5 Day

EXPRESS PRINT IN 5 DAYS. Strong medium sized jute bag shopper perfect for carrying your essentials. Size; 390mm x 35mm x 150mm.

From £1.84

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10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag – 5 Day

EXPRESS PRINTED 5 DAYS. Cotton Canvas Tote Bag made from10 cotton. Can be printed full-colour transfer at additional cost.

From £1.79

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Budget Exhibition Tote Bag

Made of 80gsm non-woven eco-friendly material. Die-cut handles. A great budget bag suitable for handouts, literature, sample and lots more. Size:400 x 370mm

From 46p

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Foldable Cooler bag, white

Foldable cooler bag. Foldable cooler bag with front pocket. 600D polyester. Print Area;70mm x 100mm to front or top.

From £5.88

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Shoulder Conference bag

Exhibition bag with adjustable shoulder strap, buckle closure flap, zipped pocket in flap, zipped main compartment and several open pockets under flap. 600D Polyester. Print Area: 220mm x 90mm

From £4.68

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Bright Coloured Tote Bag – 3.5oz

Cotton Tote. Tote with open main compartment. Drop down height of handles is 26 cm. 100 g/m² Cotton

From 72p

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Non Woven Convention Tote

Non Woven Convention Tote. Slim design tote with open main compartment. Reinforced handles for added durability. Drop down height handles 29.2 cm. Bag is recyclable. Non Woven 80 g/m² Polypropylene. 25g

From 68p

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Slazenger Advantage short sleeve polo

Min order from 10 units for branding.



From POA

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Slazenger Set quarter zip pullover

Min order from 10 units for personalised branding.

Set quarter zip pullover. Fully fashioned.Metal zipper in the collar.Contrast colour inside the collar.Leather zipper puller with embossed Slazenger wording.Slazenger embroidery to front. 100% Cotton flat knit. 12 Gauge.

From POA

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Slazenger Crew Neck Sweater

Min order from 10 units for personalised branding.

Slazenger Toss Crew Neck Sweater. 1×1 rib cuffs and waistband. Halfmoon. Two coloured neck tape. Flag label at side seam. 50% Cotton 50% Polyester French Terry knit. 285 g/m².

From POA

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Slazenger Match softshell jacket

Min order at 10 items for branded garments.

Match softshell jacket. 3000 mm Waterproof and 3000 g/m² Breathable.Adjustable hood with elastic cord and toggle.Front and sleeve pockets with reversed zipper.Adjustable cuff with flap and velcro closure.Drawstring hem with toggle closure.Back is longer than the front.Slazenger print next to left pocket. 100% Polyester single jersey knit bonded with 100% Polyester micro fleece. 360 g/m². Male and Female fits available.

From POA

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Vate Polo

Min order of 10 units for personalised branding.

Short Sleeve Polo. Men’s 2 button placket, Ladies 3 button placket.Tonal logo print at back. Pre-shrunk.Contrast coloured neckband. 1×1 rib collar. Double Piqué of 100% Cotton. 160 g/m².

From POA

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Sparta Mug – White

One of the most popular ceramic mug shape in the industry.

Supplied bulk packed. Colours available at additional cost.

Weight; 295g, Capacity; 300ml, Diameter, 80mm.

From £1.24

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Lincoln Mug – White

Taller and thinner than most other mugs on the market, the Lincoln is different enough to stand out among the field. The lincoln’s broad ranging appeal makes it an ideal winner of a mug. 280ml capacity.

From £1.24

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Bell Ceramic Mug – White

The bell mug is not a shape which you see everyday. This unique and slightly quirky mug shape will be certain to get you noticed.

Coloured glazes are available at additional cost.
Weight; 240g, Dia; 80mm, Capacity; 270ml

From £1.24

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Marrow Coffee Mug – White

Large sleek and modern, the Marrow mug certainly stands out from the crowd and not just because of its size.

Ideal for modern businesses or coffee shops the Marrow’s large capacity is perfect for all. Dimensions: 85mm(w) x 107mm(h) x 85mm(d) Available in black at additional cost.

From £1.73

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Deco Mug

This angular white earthenware mug is certainly pleasing to the eye. Unlike many other curved, angular mugs the Deco can be printed using Dye Sublimation as well as Direct Screen print and Transfer print.

If you’re looking for a unique ceramic mug and are on a budget the Deco should be high up on your list of promotional products.

From £2.07

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Deco Mug – Dye Sub

Sublimation Photo Mug.

The stylish Deco ceramic mug gets the full-colour treatment. Dye Sub allows full-colour photographic designs with the most vivid colours.
Size: 90mm(w) x 95mm(h) x 90mm(d)

From £3.04

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Windsor Bone China Mug

A tall slim shaped mug with a curved lip. Strong yet lightweight and durable, also available as a dye sublimation print.

From £2.32

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Oxford Bone China Mug

The Oxford Bone China Mug is the ideal shape for Cafe houses. With its stylish curves and tall presence, this is a mug for all. Dimensions: 87mm(w) x 107mm(h) x 87mm(d)

From £3.22

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Durham Photo Mug

The Durham mug is the most popular of our Dye Sublimation shapes, with great photography you can evoke emotions and generate ideas. Dye Sublimation enables bright eye catching full colour designs on mugs, with the brightest of colours. 100% dishwasher proof and tested to over 2000 washes, the Durham is the most durable dye sublimation mug available.

From £2.13

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Thermo Insulated Travel Mug

Great range of colours. Easy grip handles and sip through lid. With a large print area for a company logo or message, a great item for leisure, travel and college promotions.

Also available in these colours: Black, Red, Grey, Reflex Blue. Dimensions: 85mm(w) x 160mm(h) x 85mm(d)

From £1.17

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Aluminium drinks bottle

550ml Glossy aluminium drinks bottle with a black screw on cap and black carabineer. Conforms to articles in contact with food testing. Item can be engraved for an additional cost. Print area; 190x73mm dia

From £2.31

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Metal Arc USB Flashdrive

Logo Printing Area: 47 x 11mm
Printing Options: 1-4 Spot Colour, Laser Engraving

Executive USB Flashdrive

Product Size: 57 mm x 18 mm x 8 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 35 x 13 mm

Twister USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 512MB – 32GB,

Pantone Matched shell available at a cost of £25.00. We can also brand with Dome Logo, Full Colour, Laser Engraving, contact us for pricing.


From £2.69

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Metal Cap USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Executive Wrap USB Flashdrive

Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 70mm x 32mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 15×15, Back: 50×15

Slim USB Flashdrive

Very affordable model !, looks great in conference folders.

Plastic case can be Pantone Matched.

Memory Sizes from: 512MB – 32GB

Product Size: 73mm x 19mm x 7mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 35×12, Back: 42.5×12

From £2.69

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Metal Hook USB Flashdrive

Stunning unusual Metal USB Flashdrive.

Minimum order from 50 pieces.

Product Size: 47mm x 10mm x 5mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 15 x 10 mm

Metal Clip USB Flashdrive

Both Stunning and practical in the form of an easy carry clip.

Choose from Engrave or print for your branding. With memory Sizes ranging from 1 – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 pieces.

Product Size: 45mm x 12mm x 6mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 28 x 10 mm

Keyring USB flashdrive

Memory Size: 1MB – 16GB Product Size: 58mm x 17mm x 7mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 30×13

POWER POD Powerbank Charger

The Power Pod is an ABS plastic powerbank that has an angled, cylindrical shape. The Pod’s core comes in an extensive range of vibrant colours whilst the outer shell remains white. This design works well when branded as the white shell ensures the logo used does not need to be altered.

The Power Pod comes supplied in a clear plastic presentation box which includes a user manual and a micro USB charging cable for charging the powerbank.

Material: ABS Plastic.
Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 2200 mAh

Metal Key USB Flash Drive

Memory Size: 512MB – 16GB.

Minimum orer at 50 units.

Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 57mm x 24mm x 3mm
Logo Printing Area: Both Sides, Head: 18×8, Side: 34×8

Dog Tag USB Flash drive

Lead Time: 7-14 days

Memory Size: 512MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 50mm x 30mm x 4mm
Logo Printing Area: Both Sides: 40×20


Metal Robot USB Flashdrive

The ultimate quirky robot USB keyring!

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 75mm x 52mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 15×18, Back: 15×12

Brick Man USB Flashdrive

Available in gold or Silver

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 80mm x 34mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Both Sides: 15×15

Wooden USB Flashdrive

Speak to us about the different wood finishes available!

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minium order from 50 units.

Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 60mm x 28mm x 10mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 28×15


Wooden Twister USB Flashdrive

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Minimum order from 50 units.

Product Size: 63mm x 22mm x 13mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 50×15


Exec Embossed USB flashdrive

Memory size: 1GB – 12GB

MOQ: 50
Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 100 mm x 25 mm x 9 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 40 mm x 13 mm

Smooth Slide USB Flashdrive

Great value for a gentrified USB style!

MOQ: 50
Lead Time: 7-14 days
Product Size: 50 mm x 19 mm x 9 mm
Logo Printing Area: Front & Back: 48 x 17 mm

Metal Block USB Flashdrive

Executive all the way, premium item once engraved!

Memory Size: 64MB – 16GB

Min order from 50 units.

Product Size: 57mm x 15mm x 6mm
Logo Printing Area: Front: 25×10, Back: 30×10

Stainless Steel Mug

The insulated interior keeps your drink warm or cool and comes with a secure screw lid. Suitable for home, office or travel. Packed within an individual presentation box. 14oz capacity, approximately 350ml. Carriage included free of charge!

From £1.95

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Dartford A4 Conference Folder

Budget A4 conference folder. Made from REACH compliant leather look PVC material complete with USB holder and 20 page recycled paper notepad.

From £5.33

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Ascot Leather A4 Conference Folder

Black Ascot Leather A4 Deluxe Folder with a lightly padded and stitched cover, distinctive striped lining, finished in Ascot finecell leather with a water resistant durable finish and subtle grain. |Supplied in a grey lid box. Product features include Padded & Stitched cover with a straight stitching line to the spine, Angled pocket for brochures or notes, Business Card Holder, Pen Loop, Fitted Lined Pad.

From £16.74

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Belluno Pu – Full Colour A4 Conference Folder

A4 Conference Folder made in the UK with a padded and stitched cover finished in a soft touch Italian PU Leatherette with full colour image of your choice to entire front cover. Interior includes a pen loop & pockets for business cards & CD’s. Includes a lined pad.

From £18.71

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A4 Essential Conference Pack

The essential conference pack has all you need to get your brand seen!
Includes 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper and a bestselling Calypso Ballpen contained within a 350gsm card cover. Price includes full colour print to both sides of the folder and a plain pen.

From £1.73

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Houghton A5 Zipped Portfolio Tablet Holder

Zipped portfolio with lined a5 pad, pen loop and multi positional tablet holder. Finished in a classic leather look with an excellent emboss quality. Fits a variety of iPads and Tablets.

From £15.80

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Bromham A4 Folder

Bromham A4 folder with elastic closure finished in a leather look embossable PU. The interior has a pad slot with a fitted lined pad. A black elastic pen loop, a slot pocket for a business card, a CD and a angled pocket for notes. Ideal for embossing, foil blocking, screen or full colour printing.

From £3.61

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Briefcase Insbruck

PU zipped conference folder with notepad, calculator, carrying handle and organiser pockets. Dimensions: 350 x 50 x 285

From £22.87

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Pembury Tecfolio

Zipped Tecfolio made from REACH compliant Pembury P.U. Item c/e a 5000Mah integral powerbank and charging cable. Featuring a tablet pc sleeve and displayer and organiser section. Dimensions: 260mm(w) x 335mm(h) x 30mm(d)

From £28.43

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A5 Notebook – 5 Day Express

Soft feel A5 Notebook with elastic closing band and internal bookmark. Contains approximately 80 lined pages. Available for screen and full colour digital printing.

From £1.99

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Medium Noir Edge Notebook

The Noir Edge has a modern and stylish design, that’s perfect for promotions.
The cream lined sheets of the notebook have coloured edging, which matches the elastic closure and ribbon marker, for an eye-catching look.
It’s available in a choice of two sizes, small and medium, and is supplied with a plain black stylus pen for a great value promotional gift.
Dimensions: 143mm(w) x 210mm(h) x 17mm(d)

From £2.70

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Doppio Notebook

This exclusive design 2-in-1 notebook (A5 size reference) is a neat solution for keeping two different projects on-the-go. Two different coloured covers identify the separate parts of the notebook. Simply flip it over to switch your line of thinking. Features 2 x 64 lined pages (80gsm), packed in a Journalbooks gift sleeve. Thermo PU. 388g

Colours: Black, Black/White, Green/Black, Navy, Red/Grey

From £6.61

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Post A7 notebook

Extra small notebook with fold-over cover and 60 unruled pages. PP plastic.
Dimensions: 110 x 10 x 80

From 62p

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Soft-Feel Notebook A5

It has a tactile soft-feel
flexible cover, which looks amazing with both standard screen print and embossing for your company logo. The cover is available in a great choice of colours and features a useful pocket to the back cover. The notebook contains 80 sheets of 100gsm cream lined paper. To complete your promotional gift, why not choose our Liberty Gift Set? This stylish set includes our A5 sized Liberty Notebook and our Satin Twilight Pen, both branded with your logo. They’re presented within a high quality gift box.

From £3.63

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Pocket Notebook – Acero

The Acero pocket notebook from the Ivory collection offers a wealth of beautifully crafted features for a practical and durable companion ideal for notations or sketches at work, travelling or in your free time. The Acero notebooks are available in a range of colours with a coordinating colour closure band and also feature a pen loop.
Acero notebooks are available in ruled paper on beautiful ivory colour pages (192 in total) with crafted rounded corners for an elegant look with a gold ribbon marker to complement the design. The Ivory Notebooks also include a practical expandable pocket on the inside back cover, ideal for holding tickets, receipts or any other useful paper items.
Dimensions: 90 x 140

From £4.04

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Pocket Notebook – Novara

The Novara Flexible Pocket notebook from the Ivory collection offers a wealth of beautifully crafted features for a practical and durable companion ideal for notations or sketches at work, travelling or in your free time. The Novara Flexible notebooks are available in a range of colours with a coordinating colour closure band and are available in a Flexible cover ideal to take with you on your travels.
Novara Flexible notebooks are available in ruled paper on beautiful ivory colour pages (192 in total) with crafted rounded corners for an elegant look with a gold ribbon marker to complement the design.
Dimensions: 90 x 140.

Colours: Chestnut, Nut, Rust

From £2.42

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Budget Golf Umbrella

Best selling budget golf promotional umbrella. Steel stem with twin fluted ribs. Wooden handle. Large range of stock colours available.

Full colour “LOGO SUB” now available on ready made stock items, contact us for pricing.

From £6.69

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Classic Wood Crook

Traditional walking umbrella with wooden stem and crooked handle, finished with wooden tips. Available in choice of stock colours.
Dimensions: 1050mm(w) x 890mm(h)
Colours: Black, Black/White, Burgundy, Emerald, Emerald/White, Navy, Navy/White, Red, Red/White, Royal Blue, Royal Blue/White, White, Yellow

From £6.41

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Ali Supermini Umbrella

54cm aluminium stem when open, 53.5cm windproof aluminium ribs, 98cm open diameter, silver coloured handle with decal recess, carry strap and topper, colour co-ordinated sleeve.
Dimensions: 240mm(h) x 980mm(d)
Colours: Apple Green, Beige, Black, Black/White, Bright Pink, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Emerald, Grey, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Grey, Light Pink, Lilac, Navy, Navy/White, Orange, Purple, Red, Red/White, Royal/White, Royal Blue, Sand, Tobacco, Turquoise, White, Yellow

From £5.98

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Small Hinged Mint Tin

Rectangular shaped metal container with approx. 64 mints per tin. Ingredients sticker and seal included.

Size: 59 x 46 x 18 mm


From 68p

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Soft Leather Coasters – Large

A soft rubber velvet feel material that gives a deep dark impression when embossed. 97mm Square or 98mm Round. Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Pale Pink, Purple, Red, Tan.

From 47p

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Small Bag of Jelly Beans

Packed Dimensions: 343 x 343 x 284

Filling: Mixed Jelly Beans

Unit Weight; 12 grams, Filling; 10 grams. ( other fillings available upon request)



From 44p

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Sweet Pot with Gourmet Jelly Beans

Rectangle pot, branded with your artwork in full colour, filled with your choice of Gourmet Jelly Beans to colour match the artwork. Perfect for “on brand” colour match!

Size: 408 x 248 x 252 mm

Product Filling: Gourmet Jelly Beans – 54 grams. ( other fillings available upon request)



From £1.66

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Calendar Sweet Tin with Jelly Beans

Great for Internal team recognition, or internal marketing communication schemes. Why not give them to your Sales force when they call in to visit your client base, imagine your company logo on your client’s desk all year long!

large paint tin is fully branded with a calendar wrap around the tin and dome label on the lid.

Filled with Jolly Beans – 180grms

Size: 90.8mm x 99.4mm

*A sample cost of £5.00 applies to this item, we will happy deduct the cost in full from your order.*

From £3.99

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Waterman Mechanical Pencil

Hémisphère mechanical pencil. A pure, simple, timeless line. Hemisphere both highly practical and discreet, slides unnoticed, into a pocket, bag or diary.

A design that combines natural, seductive elegance with true magnetism. Supplied in Waterman gift box.

Supplied with pencil refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Engrave area: side of clip: 35 x 5mm

Box Print 120 x 15mm

Wrap Print: 35 x 22mm

Barrel Print: 45 x 5 mm

*Samples will be charged at cost along with carriage for this item*







From £28.71

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Watermen Graduate Ballpoint Pen

Graduate ballpoint pen. Based on a classic design, Graduate is resolutely functional and modern. Graduate is ideal for everyday use or as a gift. Incl. Waterman gift box.

Supplied with one ballpoint refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Item can be printed or engraved to Side of Clip or Barrel.

Box can be printed at additional cost.

Crown cap of pen can also be engraved, contact us for pricing.




From £9.70

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Construction Pen

The multitasking ballpoint pen, with its features, gleams anyway: centimetre/inch ruler, 1:20/1:50 m scale, spirit level and slot/Phillips screwdriver.

And if you are planning a promotional or advertising campaign, the stylus is of course also available in your corporate or company colours.

Measure: 10 x 10 x 150
Weight: 36 Gram

Print area: 45 x 4 mm



From £8.99

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Golf Umbrella With Metal Shaft

30″ golf umbrella. Umbrella with metal shaft and ribs. Plastic handle. Polyester.

Various colours available.



From £5.23

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Automatic Open Umbrella

23.5″ automatic open umbrella. On-trend colour family 12 Panel 23.5″ umbrella with metal frame and ribs and plastic handle. Polyester.

Available in 4 colourways.



From £5.98

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Auto open and close Umbrella

21.5″ 3-Section auto open and close umbrella. 3 section umbrella with automatic opening and closing button. Metal frame and ribs and plastic handle. Umbrella is supplied with a pouch. Polyester.


From £6.44

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Prestige carafe with 4 glasses

Prestige carafe with 4 glasses. Serve in style with this glass carafe and 4 piece matching glasses. Volume of the carafe is 1000ml and volume of a glass is 370ml. Dishwasher safe. Presented in a Paul Bocuse protective drop box. Exclusive design. Glass.

Both glasses and Carafe can be printed at additional cost.


From £27.50

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Classic Executive Notebook A4

Classic executive notebook. This exclusive design classic hard cover notebook (A4 size reference) with elastic closure and 80 sheets (80gsm) of lined paper is ideal for writing and sharing notes.

Features an expandable pocket at the back to keep small notes. Incl. Journalbooks gift box sleeve. Cardboard covered with leatherette paper.

Cover material: Leather paper, paper 80 sheets lined paper, Material Wood-free paper in cream colour with grey lines, Weight paper: Fly page: 150gr/ Inner page: 80 gr., Extra: Built-in elastic closure, Ribbon page marker, Expandable accordion pocket,

Journalbooks logo embossed.

Wide range of colours to choose from. Book can also be Embossed  and be branded with a full colour Dome,

From £4.08

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A4 Imitation Leather portfolio

A4 portfolio. Portfolio with pen loop, document pockets and 20-page lined notepad. Some great bright colours to choose from.

Pen and accessories not included. Imitation leather.

From £5.59

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Flip Cover Notebook

Handy size notebook with flip lid. Really useful promotional gift with a large area on the front cover for a company logo.

Colours: Black, Blue and White.

Size:  90mm(w) x 141mm(h) x 11mm(d)



From 99p

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Pro Metal Ballpen

Push button metal ballpen, with silver nose cone and clip. Available in Black or White.

Great weight at 20g, for a higher perceived value as a promotional gift.

Pen can be printed to the side of the clip or barrel. Pen can be engraved at an additional cost.



From 63p

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Palm Metal Pen

Stunning Metal Pen, with the added benefit of weighing in at 20g.

Available in Silver, White and Black,

Great print area; 35 x 35mm Barrel, or to the side of the clip: 35mm x 7mm


From 96p

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