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When to use a plastic promotional pen

Picking the right Personalised Plastic Pen will ensure your Marketing Campaign, Charity fundraising, Companies internal communications, or Business contact details are effectively in hand at all times to your customer and prospect base. Nested into a handbag, car door, resting on a desk or attached to a Promotional Folder, Promotional Pens are still the number 1 promotional item owned by people.

Plastic Promotional pens due to the continuing demand for cheap advertising gifts offers an abundance of styles, finishes, colours, trims and lacquers.

Recent developments in Plastic Pen manufacture has added new styles into existing ranges, further broadening the availability and choice to the marketer.

Cheap Promotional Pens

New Unique Plastic Pen Options Include:

  • Pantone Matching for the ultimate in customisation
  • Soft Touch finishes for a rubberised feel
  • 360 degree digital wrap printing, allowing a full colour design to the entire barrel of the plastic pen
  • Silicone Style nibs and caps, allowing for full use on smartphone or tablet
  • Mobile Phone Stands incorporated into the build of the clip, doubling up as a mobile holder as well as an advertising pen
  • Contemporary colour Plastic Pens, with unique Gel Ink refills
  • 4 in 1 Ballpoint taking multi-use design into account, including 4 ink colours along with a mechanical pencil inbuilt
  • Light Up Plastic Pens, inbuilt LED lights great for Healthcare of Engineers
  • The Markie permanent Plastic Pen allowing permanent ink to be used on multi surfaces such as plastic, foil, metal and glassWhy Plastic Promotional Pens still remain the number one Promotional Item of choice.
  • Why Plastic Promotional Pens still remain the number one Promotional Item of choice
  • As the advertising industry requires multiple options for effective marketing campaigns the diversity of Plastic Pens offers multiple options for a cost-effective giveaway
  • Slimline plastic pens can easily be included in postage advertising campaigns for a low-cost impression distribution
  • Coloured Plastic pens offer a diverse collection of shades, barrels and clips to allow for accurate colour matches with company brands and Pantones
  • Pantone Matched plastic pens offer a solution to fully customise the pen to fit precisely into a Brands guidelines, print advertisement and Media commercials
  • The Curvy Ballpen range, as a plastic pen offers a higher perceived value due to its additional grip trim and shaped lines, whilst still remaining as one of the most cost-effective options to advertise your brand
  • Schools and Youth clubs can appreciate the reasonably cheap Plastic Pen option to gift to the students, families and club visitors, to aid raising the profile of the charity, and for ease of spreading contact details, web domains and telephone contact details
  • Plastic Pens are crucial to the fundraising efforts of many leading charities and non-profit organisations. As a reseller item for Shop tills, sold at events, or included in direct mail to prospect donations from a chosen mailing list

Contour Extra Ballpen

Great budget buys, perfect for clubs and charities and also child safe BS7272.
Best-selling push-button plastic ballpen with coloured rubberized grip and chrome trim. The large print area makes this a very popular promotional pen. Choose from a wide range of popular grip colours.

Print Area side of clip: 60mm X 10mm, Lead time: 5 – 10 Working Days. Available on a 3 day express service

From 19p

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Contour Standard Ballpen

Great budget buy, perfect for clubs & charities and also childsafe BS7272 Best-selling push-button ballpen with translucent body, chrome fittings
and a comfortable matching coloured rubber grip. A large print area makes this a very popular promotional pen. Choose from a wide range of popular grip colours.

From 19p

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Supersaver Extra Ballpen

Excellent value for money plastic ballpen available in a range of clip colours. The white barrel is ideal for printing to a large area making the Supersaver Extra perfect for an impactful campaign on a budget.

From 14p

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Alaska Diamond Ballpen

The Alaska Diamond Ballpen is perfect for campaigns mindful of budget and deadline, offering great value for money and fast turnaround. Choose from a range of popular colours, each with a translucent finish. A spot colour design can be printed to the barrel or the clip.

From 21p

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Aire Ballpen

This slimline retractable is quite possibly the best value full-colour process pen in Europe. The Astaire ballpen now comes with an incredible fifteen trim colours to choose from so we’re bound to have something to suit your brand! Digitally printed, full-colour to photo-quality 360° around the barrel. Speak to us about pen stands for merchandising ! Pantone matched trims available from 10,000pcs.

From 35p

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Bet Ballpen

Featuring glossy chrome trim on a sleek streamlined barrel the Betty D is the perfect full-colour promotional ballpen. Digitally printed, to photo-quality, 360° around the barrel. All together an impressive and cost-effective choice!

From 46p

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Garland Stylus Ballpen

The Garland Stylus is a full-colour digitally printed plastic ballpen with black trim and soft stylus on the nib suitable for all tablets and smartphones. Shiny chrome trim.

From 99p

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Wave Gel Pen

A contemporary designed Gel plastic pen with rubberised finish and chrome trim. Removable cap. Available in 6 vibrant colours.

From 48p

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Lightup Ballpen

Combines the convenience of a pocket flashlight with a smooth writing pen in one unique product. The flashlight is activated by a slide on/off button. Button cell batteries included.

From 54p

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Racer Frost Ballpen

An outstanding value, twist action ball pen with vibrant frost colours and excellent writing quality. Also available as a solid white,

From 28p

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Senator Bridge Polished Ballpen

The ultra-smooth twist-action ballpen that bridges the gap between quality and affordability, with a large clip sporting an advantageous print area. Opaque plastic ballpen fitted with a large capacity Magic Flow refill.

From 39p

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Senator Superhit Basic Ballpen

Evergreen and million seller. Opaque high-gloss finish ballpen fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill. Now available with our HD Digital print ( extreme branding) for unlimited colours and gradients (white barrel only). Ink colour black

From 21p

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Candy Ballpen

Vivacious push-button ballpen with brightly-coloured translucent barrel. Choose from a wide range of vivid colours. Can be printed to a large barrel area and to the transparent clip,

From 24p

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Albion Frost Ballpen

Push-button plastic ballpen made from high-quality ABS. Available in a wide range of colours with frosted barrel and solid coloured clip. The huge print area can be spot colour printed and the clip is also available for printing

From 20p

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Neon Skater ballpen

Push button plastic ballpen, with a vivid coloured barrel, silver coloured nose cone and a choice of coloured trims.

Black ink refills.

Pen can be printed to Barrel (45 x 25mm) or to the clip (35 x 7mm)


From 30p

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Biodegradable Frost Ballpen

Derived from Plants and 80% Biodegradable. It has a very good print area on the barrel, and comes in a wide range of colours. Black ink refills.

Print Area: 45mm x 20mm


From 26p

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