Metal Promotional Pens

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Popular Build options;

  • Satin Chrome Finishes
  • Full Chrome Metal Finishes
  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Composite Metals
  • Genuine Carbon Fibre Barrels
  • Gloss Lacquered Coating
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Pearlescent Finishes
  • Matt Coloured Silicon Lacquer

Contemplate which pen finish would be best used to represent your brand or logo. Think over your available budget to spend on your Metal Pens to form part of your Advertising Campaign or Promotional Product marketing mix.

Low Cost Metal Pens are available to Businesses with tight Budgets. Reflective in the cost of the entry level metal pen, the pens tends to be built from composite metals and lighter aluminium. Still suitable for engrave and screen printing, but much lighter in weight than the mid level pen options, cheap metal pens will be of a lighter build weighing in around 12g to 14g per pen.

Basics On Metal Pen Options

The Rollerball Pen, is still be far the most popular choice for Advertising Metal Pens. Water based ink or gel ink is used to flow through a nib mechanism, with many choices of rollerball thickness ranging from 0.5 to 1mm. With a Metal Rollerball Pen, More ink is placed onto the writing surface than a standard ballpen.
The Fineliner Metal Pen will be loved by those working in sectors that include the creation of Design, graphic and Technical artwork day to day.

Fountain Pens are enjoyed by individuals who take enjoyment from the activity of writing itself. Where watching the ink flow into the paper is appreciated. The Metal Fountain pen can be sourced with both Stainless Steel Nibs and for high end gifting even including a 19ct Gold Nib. Gold nibs are seen as the ultimate in true writing tools, as the gold allows the nib to slowly adjust to the owners writing style, and creates unique angles to the owner, as the gold moulds, adjusts and fixes to.

Metal Pens can include stylus trims to both the nib and the cap, perfect options for industries performing the technical sector, or offering computing and IT services.

Classic Pen styles offer a diverse selection of trims to consider, such as twist action motions, retractable nibs and Metal Barrels with matching metal caps.

Pros to Metal Pens

  • Higher perceived value when gifted to clients
  • Heavier weight adds to a positive viewpoint to the receiver
  • Pairs well with other promotional items such as folders and notebooks
  • Wider variety than ever of available colours, finishes and unique nibs, bodies and material build
  • Entry level pens are cheap Metal pen alternatives for the marketing budget conscious

Things to Consider

Metal pens are printed with specialist ink to ensure the design adheres and correctly customises your pen body. Due to the additional thickness of the ink, at least 3 days are needed to allow the ink to dry correctly to the barrel of the pen. With the additional drying time required Printing to Metal Pens will not be a possibility if you need the pen in time for a last minute exhibition, marketing event or visitors day. If the Corporate pens are needed on an express route look to laser engrave.

Siena Ballpen

A high quality twist action ballpen in diamond black or sonic silver anodised aluminium with bright chrome styling.

From £5.17

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Tegel Executive Ballpen

A highly innovative twist action ballpen superbly engineered with an all metal construction and unique style of clip. Fitted with a German hybrid ‘easyFlow’ refill. A ballpen with the writing characteristics of a rollerball!

From £5.21

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Daytona Ballpen

A superb quality metal ballpen in three durable matt anodised colours with a high quality self return twist mechanism.

From £5.19

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Mirage Touch Stylus Ballpen

A multi-function twist action ballpen with a soft rubber stylus tip. Available in silver or black matt ( gold finish at additional cost) anodised aluminium with bright chrome fittings and a high quality self return mechanism. Black ink.

Design origination at £25.00 per colour per position.

Lead time 7 working days.

From £5.18

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Sakhir Ballpen

A creatively designed high quality twist action ballpen in two gloss lacquered colours with a unique cut out barrel and diamond shaped mesh feature.

From £5.62

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Electra Ballpen

Best-selling aluminium ballpen with anodised finish and chrome trim. The unique positioning of the chrome rings gives this pen a much larger print area than standard.

Bowie Ballpen

Introducing the new soft-touch Bowie pen with contemporary gunmetal trims, exquisitely engraved to reveal a striking mirror finish. Your customers will love everything about this ergonomically designed metal pen, including the new Eversmooth elite® German ink refill, which offers a noticeably smooth and unique writing experience due to its premium 1.2mm tungsten carbide ball. matching Mechanical Pencil available, and also gift set from 5K units Barrel can be Pantone Matched.

Crosby Soft Ballpen

Our best selling soft touch pen: The Crosby Soft Touch ballpen has a rubberised aluminium barrel and shiny chrome trim. Its tactile feel and fantastic range of 14 colours makes it a firm favourite. Speak to us about the matching gift set.

Drich Metal Ballpen

The Dietrich is a click-action ballpen featuring a modern matte finish and ergonomic rubber grip. Available in five classic colours, all with black trim.

Ben Ballpen

This click action ballpen with a matte barrel features a grip of subtle grooves and matte black metal clip & trims. Available in a choice of five colours. speak to us about the Matching gift set. Ink black

latina Ballpen

A highly popular and stylish ballpen in a classic combination of lustrous gloss lacquer and bright chrome.

From £1.81

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Perla Ballpens

A new superb value twist action ballpen with a spring loaded clip. Available in pearlescent white or matt black lacquer with bright chrome styling.Metal cross style black refill

From £1.39

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Savoy Ballpen

In black or dark blue gloss lacquer and brushed stainless steel with a self return twist action mechanism and a German made Super Smooth Parker style black ink refill, Engrave available at additional cost.

From £4.19

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Trident Black Ballpen

Black Trident ballpen by Inovo Design in matt black anodised aluminium with gloss black fittings and a German made Super Smooth Parker style black ink refill., engrave available at additional cost.

From £3.21

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Watermen Graduate Ballpoint Pen

Graduate ballpoint pen. Based on a classic design, Graduate is resolutely functional and modern. Graduate is ideal for everyday use or as a gift. Incl. Waterman gift box.

Supplied with one ballpoint refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Item can be printed or engraved to Side of Clip or Barrel.

Box can be printed at additional cost.

Crown cap of pen can also be engraved, contact us for pricing.




From £9.70

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Construction Pen

The multitasking ballpoint pen, with its features, gleams anyway: centimetre/inch ruler, 1:20/1:50 m scale, spirit level and slot/Phillips screwdriver.

And if you are planning a promotional or advertising campaign, the stylus is of course also available in your corporate or company colours.

Measure: 10 x 10 x 150
Weight: 36 Gram

Print area: 45 x 4 mm



From £8.99

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Micro Multitasking Ballpoint Pen

Award winning Keyring with micro multitasking ballpoint pen, centimetre and inch ruler, slotted and Phillips screwdriver held by magnet, stylus, black refill.

Key technology. Whether analogue or digital, this clever filigree technician can stand its ground anywhere. Ballpoint pen, screwdriver, scale and a stylus for a tablet or smartphone  it’s got it all.

And the Micro Construction holds all your keys. Safe and sound. Available in six trendy colours.

Measure: 35 x 9 x 117
Weight: 21 Gram

Print area: 35 x 3 mm



From £5.61

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Pro Metal Ballpen

Push button metal ballpen, with silver nose cone and clip. Available in Black or White.

Great weight at 20g, for a higher perceived value as a promotional gift.

Pen can be printed to the side of the clip or barrel. Pen can be engraved at an additional cost.



Palm Metal Pen

Stunning Metal Pen, with the added benefit of weighing in at 20g.

Available in Silver, White and Black,

Great print area; 35 x 35mm Barrel, or to the side of the clip: 35mm x 7mm


Rio Ballpen

A superb value all metal push action ballpen in matt metallic silver or gloss lacquer with bright chrome fittings.

The Rio is also available as a set of a ballpen and mechanical pencil in the gloss lacquered colours only, contact us for pricing.

Item can be engraved for an additional cost.

Print Area: Barrel: 27mm x 10mm or Cap: 30mm x 6mm





Valencia Ballpen – Gloss

A contemporary styled ballpen in brushed stainless steel or gloss black, red or blue lacquer with bright nickel fittings.

Speak to us about our Gift Box options to add an additional layer of ‘Wow’.



From £1.44

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Valencia Ballpen – Stainless Steel

A contemporary styled ballpen in brushed stainless steel, with bright nickel fittings. Fitted with a metal Cross style black ink refill.

Print area: 32mm x 10mm – Barrel.  Cap; 27mm x 6mm.

Item can be engraved at additional cost.



From £1.46

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Evora Rollerball

A new superb metal rollerball in a unique conical  shape in matt black or gloss white, red and blue lacquer or silver satin chrome with bright chrome fittings.

Fitted with a high quality German made Roller Writer black ink refill.

Print Area: Barrel: 32mm x 10mm, Cap: 30mm x 6mm

Item can be engraved at an additional cost.





From £4.97

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Hero Metal Ballpen with Gift box

Exclusive design lightweight ballpoint pen available in matt brushed gold finishing with gold coloured details and matt brushed silver with chrome coloured detail. Incl. new style Balmain clip, premium Swiss quality black refill and packed in a Balmain gift box. Metal. 23g

Available with gold or silver trim.

Engrave area:40m x 5mm


From £3.58

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Vince Stylus Ballpoint Pen Set in Gift Box

Exclusive design pen set including a stylus ballpoint pen and roller ball pen. Both pens feature a graphite bottom barrel complemented with a polished chrome upper barrel. Incl. new style Balmain clip and Balmain detailing on middle ring. Premium black ink refill and rubberized stylus tip ideal for touchscreens such as tablets and smartphones.

Incl. Balmain gift box

Engrave to both items, size: 45mm x 5mm


From £3.51

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Swag Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Gift Pouch

Exclusive design jotter style stylus ballpoint pen ideal for touchscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets and retail payment pads. Incl. new style Balmain clip, black ink refill, pen pouch and Balmain gift box. Metal.

Item can also be printed, contact us for pricing.

Pouch can also be branded, let us know if you would like o explore costs.

Engrave Area: Barrel or cap: 30mm x 5mm


From £4.29

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Marksman Sleek Executive Metal Ballpen with Gift Box

This luxury ballpoint with twist action mechanism is a sleek operator that blends functional components in a smooth design. Incl. sliding gift box. Exclusive Marksman design. Metal.

Item can also be engraved at an additional cost.

Pad Print area: 70x 6mm – side of the clip.



From £5.61

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Parker Jotter Steel Ballpoint Pen

Parker Jotter ballpoint pen. Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last 60 years. With covetable colours and a distinctive shape Jotter remains Parker’s most popular pen, recognisable down to its signature click. Incl. Parker gift box. Delivered with patented QuinkFlow ballpoint refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Item can also be screen printed, contact us for pricing.

Engrave area: 30mm x 6mm


From £5.87

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Henson Lux Executive Metal Ballpen with pouch

Ballpoint pen. Exclusive design luxury colour coated ballpoint pen with elegant imitation leather pouch in Balmain cardboard gift box (size: 15 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm).

Metal and imitation leather. Pouch can be branded contact us for pricing.

Engrave area: 35 x 6mm


From £6.69

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Esquire Pen Gift Set

Pen gift set. The perfect way to get your name etched into people’s minds, this exclusive designed ballpoint and rollerball pen pair have a beautifully etched barrel patterning and a dedicated place on the cap for printing your decoration. Incl. Balmain gift box. Metal.

Engrave area; 40 x 5mm

Box can also be branded contact us for pricing.


From £11.79

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Noir Executive Pen Gift Set

Ballpoint pen gift set. For a subtle different take on black, this exclusively designed pair of ballpoint and rollerball pens is finished in printed carbon fibre. Including quality protective pouch packed in Balmain gift box (size: 17.8 x 11.3 x 2.8cm). Metal.

Engrave area: 40 x 6mm

Gift box can also be branded for an additional cost.

From £18.61

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Prince Duo Executive Pen Gift Set

Exclusive design pen set featuring a stylus ballpoint pen and roller ball with premium black ink refill. Soft rubber stylus tip is integrated into the end cap of ballpoint pen and eliminates fingerprints and smudges on your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with most touchscreen devices. Also ideal for everyday use with public touchscreens such as ATM or retail payment pads. Incl. Balmain gift box. Metal.

Pad print area: 45mm x 7mm

Box can also be branded, contact us for pricing.


From £18.51

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Executive Aluminium Twist Stylus Ball pen with Tube

Aluminium twist ball pen with soft touch tip. Blue ink. Presented in tube with matching colour lid.

Tube can also be branded at additional cost. Pen can be engraved for an additional 12p.

Print Area: 31 mm x 6 mm to the side of the clip.

Available in Champagne, Black, Silver.




From £1.76

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Elegance Executive Brushed Metal Ballpen in Box

Aluminium ball pen in brushed barrel presented in elegant grey gift box. Blue ink.

**End of cap can be engraved at an additional cost, contact us for pricing**

Weight: 24g

Print Area: 60 x 8mm


From £2.96

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Diamond Executive Gift Pen with Black Box

Twist action ball pen in steel. Blue ink. Presented in black paper box.

Available in Black or white.

Print Area: 30 x 7 mm

From £3.02

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Executive Aluminium Pen and Pencil set with Box

Aluminium twist pen and pencil set each with stylus in silver gift box. Blue ink.

Box can be printed at additional cost. Items can also be engraved for additional cost and white pen is suitable for digital print.

Print area: 40 x 7 mm




From £2.99

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Corporate Metal Pen Set – Gift Boxed

Metal pen set with ball pen and roller ball in gift box. Black ink.

Box can also be branded at additional cost.

Laser Engrave to option cap of pen, Size: 35 mm x 7 mm


From £7.39

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Metal Push Button Ball pen with Torch.

Push button ball pen in aluminium with torch. Blue ink. LR621 batteries included.

Available in White or Black,

Print Area to the side of barrel: 45 mm x 6 mm


Spirit Level Tool Pen with Ruler

Twist action spirit level pen in ABS with ruler, stylus and phillips head and flat head screw driver bits. Black ink.

Available in Black and Silver

Print Area: 60 mm x 30 mm



From £1.19

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Electra Oro Ballpen – Large Branding Area!

New for 2017! perfect for clubs.

Building upon the universal appeal of the best-selling Electra range, the Electra Oro Ballpen is sure to impress with its smart gold trim. The unique positioning of the metal rings allows a larger branding area. Black Ink

Item can also be engraved at additional cost.

Available in White, Black, Royal Blue, Gun Metal, Deep Red, Silver

Print Area: 40mm x 20mm


Electra Classic Satin Ballpen – Beautiful Colours

Attractive aluminium ballpen available in a wide range of beautiful colours with an appealing satin finish. The Electra Classic Satin Ballpen has a high perceived value while being ideal for budget-mindful campaigns.

Item can also be engraved at additional cost.

Print Area: 50mm X 7.2mm


Metal Match Ballpen – Vivid Engraving

Push-button metal ballpen with unique coloured engraving. The coloured chrome substrate is revealed when laser engraved, matching the coloured rubber grip and appearing vivid against the matt barrel.

Engrave colours; Yellow, Cyan Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Black.

Engrave Area: 40mm x 6mm


Valentino Noir Ballpen – Glossy Classic Design

A classically designed, gloss lacquered prestigious, twist action ball pen. The pen has a chrome undercoat to the top and bottom barrel for a mirror finish when engraved ( at additional cost)

Pen can be supplied on its own or as a set with the matching roller pen.

Branding Area: 30 x 20mm

Ink Colour: Black, Weight; 37g.


From £2.87

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