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Why are conference folders still key to creating the right company image.

Organisations and brands should understand the fundamental importance of creating the correct professional image of their business to internal team, existing customers and prospects.

Investing in a company’s overall image with team branded accessories both in and out of the office truly benefits the brands image.

Zipped conference folders are available in multiple fabrics and sizes, leather zipped folios, and A4 zipped conference folders remain as the most popular choice for businesses looking to invest in company branded folders.

A popular choice for accountancy and insurance services is the leather A4 folio case, as the leather finish suggests professionalist and executive levels along with the flexibility of branding methods such as embossing to the overs or UV digital transfers for the more complex full colour company design.

Arming your sales team with company A4 conference folders to attend client review meetings or new business face to face greets will create a lasting impression of the business’s level of professionalism and emulate your company’s brand and key messages. For companies investing in leather zipped folios for day to day businesses use, the conference folder investment will also allow your team to organise their meetings by including a notepad, USB and business card holder.

A business person attending a networking event and walking into the event carrying a A4 zipped conference folder will instantly appear organised, and competent representing their business or services.

A5 conference folders are a champion choice for a smaller conference folder accessory for internal office use to contain company meeting notes and internal product documents aiding in the organisation of team members and reducing the opportunity for important sensitive company documents to be misplaced, or lost and allowing your staff to be a walking advertisement for your brand and services if taken away from the office for meeting or networking.


How your sales representatives using your personalised leather folders will present a professional impression of your business

Organisations should look to invest in promotional business accessories for their sales representatives, key account managers and any client facing team members, as they are the true reflection in appearance of your company.

Apart from a smart well presented individual meeting with the company’s existing new client base and potential prospects, you need their business accessories to reflect the company’s professionalism.

Investing in A4 zipped conference folders to be taken out to visits will ensure that the your company image is represented in skillful, competent , professional way.


Investing in internal conference folders ensures that;

  • Your sales team appear organised, efficient, experienced and able.
  • Sales representatives attending meetings outside of the office and taking their company zipped conference folder will aid in organisation, and ensure that the correct documentation is taken, along with price or data lists crucial for discussions.
  • Conference folders taken to new businesses meetings ensures any important notes on the meeting or key information to be followed up or addressed is taken down to be actioned, back in the office.
  • Marketers embrace the opportunity for the company logo or marketing message to be spread to a wide audience creating multiple brand impressions whilst the branded conference is in use, and carried from multiple sites.


The importance of presenting conference folders to your event delegates.

Your business has invested time and money into hosting an industry event. With customers in attendance and new prospects on the invite list event, organisers need to address which promotional items they can present to the attendees to ensure they make the most out of their visit and leave the venue with a strong and positive impression of the host businesses. One of the first challenges marketers face on sourcing the correct product, is will the promotional product receiver be likely to find a practical application to the promotional item after they leave the conference, and will the item continue to be used advertising their brands or services.


Promotional conference folders benefit the business multiple ways.

Practical application

Delegates attending the event will most likely be presented with multiple documents and potential lists and brochures, if your company is inviting delegates to listen to a talk and presentation providing A4 or A5 conference folders with a notepad contained within will enable your guests to take notes and helpful information away from the event and back to the office.

A promotional product to be taken away after the event

Presenting your delegates with a conference folder for the day’s events, helps them organize their notes, presentation documents and data lists, but also provides the added benefit that they can take a promotional conference folder away after the event, for use in the office or future meetings, this leaves a lasting impression of your business with the individual as they are super pleased to receive a considered promotional gift.

Professional image represented

Organisations with both internal and event staff using company conference folders will create a lasting professional, competent image to the delegates in attendance. Visitors to the event gifted with conference folders by the hosting organisation will be charmed to receive a conference folder to use during the day.

Affordable promotional giveaway for multiple marketing impressions

For businesses investing in promotional giveaways to increase brand impressions, marketing messages and aid in the effectiveness of new product launches, conference folders are a champion choice for spend and investment. Providing event delegates with a promotional conference folder for use at the event and to be taken away from the venue once the presentation has been completed, is a prime opportunity for your company’s logo to be placed in front of multiple new people as the delegate uses the conference folder on a regular basis in day to day business.

Ensures your delegates remain organised.

Gifting promotional conference folders to attendees shows your businesses cares about the event being a productive success. Conference folders aid in the assistance of organizing notes, price lists and brochures, and also allows storage of the event notes to be organised in the conference folder and be easily transported back to the office.


Why zipped conference folders remain so popular

Brands and organisations looking to invest in promotional marketing campaigns and looking to explore their option for effective merchandise and gifts, should explore the option of how promotional zipped conference folders can aid and benefit their marketing messages and customer relationships.

Once the decision has been made to investing in conference folders to support marketing efforts, which of the two options will work best for your business, zipped or unzipped conference folders.

Unzipped conference folders are ideal for organisations looking for a slightly more budget friendly alternative to the zipped variety.

However a zipped conference folder will ensure that your workforce or customers given the marketing gift are protected from important documents, notes, data lists and price lists are contained within the zipped area, and not likely to fall out at a meeting or lost on the way to the car park.


Taking a company leather A4 folio case will really make an impression, and here’s the reasons why.

Businesses looking to make a real impression to the public, of their collected professionalism, accomplishment in their marketplace and add to their polished competent company image, will make a champion choice to enhance their brand image by investing in leather A folios.

Some of the many benefits include

Opportunity for company branding, Marketers understand the importance of keeping their brand and company logo in the public domain, multiple impressions of key marketing message and organisations icons, placed to a company conference folder will increase brand presence and recognition as the folder is used in public and serving as an active advertising board for the business with every use.

Executive business accessory , branded conference folders are seen as a key item for executives to take to meetings and customer reviews. Investing in a key business accessory such as a A4 or A5 leather conference folder will ensure your sales representatives are taken seriously when representing your company and products at any external event.

Conference folders keep people organised and prepared whilst attending meetings For detailed note taking and discussions on product information or price lists, a personalised leather folder will essure all relevant meeting notes are kept secure in one folder. With most business folios containing loops to keep pens and USB sticks in place, and individual using a branded folder will be able to maintain some organisation, and keep notes, pads and papers close to hand.

How to choose an A5 or A4 conference folder

Investing in a conference folder for your business to gift to internal team, customers or prospects, you need to decide as a business which of the two available sizes, A4 or A5 will best suit you, or your clients in the day to day practical application.

A4 conference folders

For businesses looking for a standard conference folder, at the ideal size to perfectly fit an A4 brochure, A4 pads and documentation, the A4 conference folder is the best fit.

Consider also that an an A4 conference folder size, a larger folio can also prove to be bulky, but the folder will also contain more room for company USB flash drives, additional business cards,

A5 Conference folders

An A5 folio is great for fitting into suitcases and laptop bags, and also provides a perfect size for a  small promotional jotter notepad. Your choice of A5 conference folder can also perfectly house custom writing instruments such as pencils or pens.

Why individuals are still pleased to receive leather conference folders as a promotional product gift.

Presenting your clients or prospects with business gifts ensures that your businesses relationships are enhanced, and that your working relationships are strengthened by adding to reciprocal thinking between you and your client, and the chance of the individual or business owner requesting your services or products from you again.

Marketers exploring their available options for promotional marketing gifts considering a professional executive gift can look to leather conference folders as a champion choice to present to their customers and prospects.

With Leather conference folders available in both zipped and unzipped varieties marketers can explore if a A5 conference folder or and A4 conference folder is better matched to their audience.

A4 leather conference folders will allow for full sized A4 brochures and A4 notepads to be included within, but may prove a little bulky if taken out of the office on a regular basis.

For a more compact promotional gift A5 leather folders will be perfect for purpose as a smaller personalised folder gift, that will enable the receiver to fit the conference folder into a smaller business bag or laptop case.

Presenting a leather A4 folio case to client will graciously received, as conference folders are seen as a more executive premium giveaway by the receiver, with a highly practical application that will used as a useful businesses accessory as they go out and about their working daily activities, whilst also advertising your brand, by creating multiple impressions to a wider audience.

For an additional layer of personalisation and promotional product presentation, organisations can look to include branded USB sticks, promotional notepads and printed pens,. Promotional items combined within the promotional conference folder will add weight to the gift, and will do wonders for customer relationships, benefit your brand by repeated exposure to you logo and marketing messages.

Shoulder Conference bag

Exhibition bag with adjustable shoulder strap, buckle closure flap, zipped pocket in flap, zipped main compartment and several open pockets under flap. 600D Polyester. Print Area: 220mm x 90mm

From £4.68

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Dartford A4 Conference Folder

Budget A4 conference folder. Made from REACH compliant leather look PVC material complete with USB holder and 20 page recycled paper notepad.

From £5.33

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Ascot Leather A4 Conference Folder

Black Ascot Leather A4 Deluxe Folder with a lightly padded and stitched cover, distinctive striped lining, finished in Ascot finecell leather with a water resistant durable finish and subtle grain. |Supplied in a grey lid box. Product features include Padded & Stitched cover with a straight stitching line to the spine, Angled pocket for brochures or notes, Business Card Holder, Pen Loop, Fitted Lined Pad.

From £16.74

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Belluno Pu – Full Colour A4 Conference Folder

A4 Conference Folder made in the UK with a padded and stitched cover finished in a soft touch Italian PU Leatherette with full colour image of your choice to entire front cover. Interior includes a pen loop & pockets for business cards & CD’s. Includes a lined pad.

From £18.71

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Bourton- Calculator Business Folder

A4 zipped folder in leather-look PU material. Fitted with pen loop zipped pocket and calculator. A4 lined pad included.

From £8.70

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A4 Essential Conference Pack

The essential conference pack has all you need to get your brand seen!
Includes 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper and a bestselling Calypso Ballpen contained within a 350gsm card cover. Price includes full colour print to both sides of the folder and a plain pen.

From £1.73

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Houghton A5 Zipped Portfolio Tablet Holder

Zipped portfolio with lined a5 pad, pen loop and multi positional tablet holder. Finished in a classic leather look with an excellent emboss quality. Fits a variety of iPads and Tablets.

From £15.80

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Bromham A4 Folder

Bromham A4 folder with elastic closure finished in a leather look embossable PU. The interior has a pad slot with a fitted lined pad. A black elastic pen loop, a slot pocket for a business card, a CD and a angled pocket for notes. Ideal for embossing, foil blocking, screen or full colour printing.

From £3.61

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Briefcase Insbruck

PU zipped conference folder with notepad, calculator, carrying handle and organiser pockets. Dimensions: 350 x 50 x 285

From £22.87

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Pembury Tecfolio

Zipped Tecfolio made from REACH compliant Pembury P.U. Item c/e a 5000Mah integral powerbank and charging cable. Featuring a tablet pc sleeve and displayer and organiser section. Dimensions: 260mm(w) x 335mm(h) x 30mm(d)

From £28.43

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A5 Notebook – 5 Day Express

Soft feel A5 Notebook with elastic closing band and internal bookmark. Contains approximately 80 lined pages. Available for screen and full colour digital printing.

From £1.99

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A4 Deskpad

The promotional pads look great carrying calendars, weekly planners, to do lists, plus your company logo and contact details. Contains 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper, glued to a standard backboard. Item can also be supplied with 100 sheets, contact us for pricing.

Medium Noir Edge Notebook

The Noir Edge has a modern and stylish design, that’s perfect for promotions.
The cream lined sheets of the notebook have coloured edging, which matches the elastic closure and ribbon marker, for an eye-catching look.
It’s available in a choice of two sizes, small and medium, and is supplied with a plain black stylus pen for a great value promotional gift.
Dimensions: 143mm(w) x 210mm(h) x 17mm(d)

From £2.70

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A4 Imitation Leather portfolio

A4 portfolio. Portfolio with pen loop, document pockets and 20-page lined notepad. Some great bright colours to choose from.

Pen and accessories not included. Imitation leather.

From £5.59

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A4 Clipboard

A4 sized hard backed paper clipboard with stainless steel clip and great branding area.

Print Area: 200 x 280 mm


From £1.36

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Conference Folder in Carton with Accessories

Conference folder in carton with 6 colours memo pad, 20 pages white lined paper block and blue ink pen. Closed by 2 snap buttons.

Available in Natural or Black

Print Area: 201 mm x 150 mm

Pen can also be branded for an additional cost, contact us for pricing.



From £2.22

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Mini Clipboard – Custom Full Colour to Both Sides

Size: 130 x 170 mm

Miniature hard back paper over board clipboard. Printed 4 colour process both sides. Bulk

Notepad not supplied  – contact us for cost to add a A6 notepad to your order.




From £1.04

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